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Women's Sober Living

in the Austin, Texas area

An evidence-based sober living program designed to help you on your journey toward sustainable recovery


Build healthy coping skills and learn how to avoid relapse.

Our women’s sober living program provides a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment for women to build strong foundations for sobriety. The Arbor’s women’s sober living strives to equip participants with the essential tools they need to maintain sobriety over time. 

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Women’s Sober Living Program at The Arbor

Treating addiction is not like treating other kinds of illness. There is no medicine that can heal all the symptoms and no course of care that can guarantee that a person will be cured for good. As anyone who has been through treatment for drug or alcohol addiction can attest, recovery is a lifelong process. While the phrase “recovery is a journey” may seem cliche, it rings true for those who have experienced the many ups and downs of achieving and maintaining sobriety.

At The Arbor Behavioral Healthcare, we don’t let these challenges prevent us from pursuing a healthy, sober lifestyle. In fact, our outlook is precisely the opposite: we know that recovery won’t always be easy, but we also know that our continuum of care provides the added support that our clients and their families need when they are most vulnerable. Our sober living program is one of the levels of care we offer to safely guide our clients as they navigate their life in recovery. 

What to expect at our Hyde Park Sober Living Home

  • Adult (18+) program
  • Daily house community meeting
  • Daily breakfast and family dinner during the week included
  • Transportation included
  • Ten weekly hours of clinical services, including individual sessions, group sessions, and psycho-education
  • 12-step immersion and completion
  • Monthly equine-assisted therapy
  • Intensive outpatient (IOP) options
  • Recovery advocacy services
  • 24-hour supervision
  • Random toxicology testing
  • Gym Membership
  • Daily prayer and meditation groups
  • Nightly evening review groups
  • Medication management
  • Full-time recovery manager

Our Hyde Park sober living home is designed to provide clients with a bridge between residential treatment and independent living. This transition can be jarring as individuals in recovery adjust to new levels of independence. This program is ideal for those who are leaving residential treatment or have had a period of sobriety but need additional support.

Get Plugged into Recovery

Being social can be difficult in early recovery. Being surrounded by other sober friends makes this task much more comfortable. Our sober living residents get engaged in the Arbor alumni community. Our alumni program creates a natural sense of accountability and community. Participating in the recovery world and connecting with other sober people helps you stay on track. If you recognize that you’re struggling, the community is there to help you.

An alumni program can show just how possible it is to have fun while in recovery. Many people fear that their new, sober life will be boring without drugs or alcohol. Our alumni program shows you some of the many ways you can find pleasure and joy in recovery. 

Success Stories

Start Your Recovery

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