Alcohol Addiction Treatment

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An accredited alcohol addiction treatment program designed to achieve lasting sobriety


Get clean, avoid relapse and learn to live a sober lifestyle

Individualized Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Everyone’s addiction story is unique! No two individuals have the exact same background, mental health issues, and substance addiction. For that reason, we design completely personalized treatment plans that cater to the individual.

Program Summary

Our alcohol addiction treatment program takes an integrated approach to treating addiction. It addresses alcohol use disorder, co-occurring mental health conditions, and medical care needs.

The Advantages of Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Treatment Phases

Our research shows that those who complete rehab and attend aftercare are less likely to relapse and more likely to stay sober longer. It’s also critical to have an aftercare plan for when rehab is complete and it’s time to return to your natural environment.


- Cleanse -

We’ll address your physical dependence on alcohol and help you to cleanse your body of its dangerous toxins. Therapeutic activities and specialized medications will be used to help you manage uncomfortable alcohol withdrawal symptoms.


- Understand -

As withdrawal symptoms dissipate, you’ll transition into rehab, where we will focus on the psychological aspects of your addiction. You’ll understand the root causes of your addiction, manage cravings that cause relapse, and retrain your brain to function normally without alcohol.


- Apply -

Transition out of our outpatient program and into a more flexible aftercare program. Return to your natural home environment and put what you learned in the rehab phase into practice. Continue to receive the support needed to maintain a sober lifestyle.

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Alcohol Addiction Treatment Services

During the rehab process, you will benefit from a complementary mix of services that have proven to be effective in the recovery process.

How Much Does Alcohol Addiction Treatment Cost?

Paying for addiction treatment

The cost of alcohol addiction treatment at The Arbor is different for everyone. Why? We create completely personalized plans based on each individual’s specific addiction, background, and mental health needs. We work with most insurance providers in the U.S. to provide the best coverage while minimizing your out-of-pocket costs. To see if your provider will cover your or a loved one’s treatment, verify your insurance:

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Alcohol Rehab, also known as alcohol rehabilitation, is a process for individuals who have made a decision to quit drinking and find new ways to live without alcohol. Due to personal problems such as strained family relationships, employment issues, and emotional upheavals, the “normal drinker” who abuses alcohol, drinks alcoholically on occasion, but can stop when they choose to do so. People who experience negative consequences as a result of their alcohol abuse and are unable to stop, may be alcoholic and need alcohol rehab at a place like The Arbor. In the 20s and 30s before alcohol rehab came into existence, people with severe drinking problems were sent to sanitariums. These were primarily individuals who suffered breakdowns from extreme emotional distress as well as those who suffered from alcoholism. As the medical profession began to acknowledge the serious nature of physical consequences the alcoholic suffered when trying to stop drinking, an alcohol detox protocol was developed. As modern medicine and therapeutic communities began to partner to treat the physical and emotional aspects of alcoholism, alcohol rehabs became a safe haven for alcoholics who wanted to quit drinking and regain their sanity. The Arbor is fortunate to have decades of experience behind the medical and clinical portions of their program. If you or a loved one are suffering from the negative consequences of drinking and cannot or will not stop, contact The Arbor for more information and to determine if treatment is the right solution. The Arbor……Providing a Framework for Growth.