One of the side effects to being under the influence is when you make bad decisions. Your mind is on drugs and alcohol only so it would mean doing things that you would never imagine doing before you discovered drugs and alcohol. To further understand substance abuse as a disease, it is important to know why it is your decision-making skills are affected to further motivate you to go into treatment. 

One reason that you make bad decisions under the influence is because when a person’s vulnerability increases from addiction, so does their reward sensitivity. This means that you are finding ways to seek pleasure as well as exciting and new experiences. Because you love the feeling of being rewarded, you are willing to ignore the dangerous risks to get it. A second reason is because addiction causes you to lose your self-control. The idea of having long-term goals does not interest someone who is struggling with addiction. If they want something they are seeking, they will stop at nothing to get it now.

A third reason is not having any willpower. When there is something out there that you know you should not have, we have the willpower tell ourselves to stop. People with addiction, on the other hand, are different in that if they do not have what they feel is keeping them alive, they will make poor choices to acquire what they think they need such as lie, cheat, steal, and hurt others. They will regret their decisions later but not enough to stop the behavior. A fourth reason is when situational cues come into play. For example, the sight and smell of alcohol could make you tempted to drink when you feel there is no escape. A disconnect forms between what they want and what is best for them in the long-term.

A fifth reason is when stress and traumatic situations affect our thinking. Drugs offer users an escape from reality that they feel they cannot get anywhere else. Again, users do not care about the long-term effects that this escape can bring them, but about what it can do for them right now. Bad decision-making can cause you to make a mistake that you may not be able to fix. By accepting that you have an addiction that you are not in control over, you can make the best decision by going to drug treatment.

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