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Men’s Rehab Program

It can be intimidating for someone to enter rehab, whether or not they’ve been struggling with a substance use disorder for a long time. Most people begin treatment while burdened with multiple problems — not just addiction. Getting admitted into a gender-specific rehab program may help them feel more comfortable with these clients.

A gender-specific program provides a foundation for treatment that supports clients through their insecurities and frustrations from societal expectations. Men in need of addiction treatment can relax in a men’s drug rehab program and focus fully on their recovery. Searching for a men’s rehab center in Texas? Contact The Arbor Behavioral Healthcare by calling 844.413.2690 or reaching out to our team online.

men's rehab programs

What Are the Signs That Someone Needs To Get Admitted Into Rehab?

How do you know if you need to get admitted into a men’s rehab program? Of course, not everyone needs the comforts provided by gender-specific treatment. Whether you need these additional comforts or not doesn’t change the fact that you need professional help — if you’re struggling with a substance use disorder, that is.

Here’s what you should watch out for if you’re worried that your addictive behaviors have gotten out of control:

  • Drug use has become your top priority: If you think about the addictive substance that consumes most of your waking hours and prioritizes using it over delving into passions that were important to you previously, you may be addicted.
  • Your addiction is affecting your important relationships: Addiction may cause you to engage in risky behavior or act inappropriately more often, which can damage family, social, and work relationships. You can also damage the relationship you have with yourself, as addictive behaviors can lead to accidents, injuries, and even legal or financial troubles.
  • Your addictive substance dosage is increasing: Over time, as you struggle with addiction, your body starts to tolerate the existence of the addictive substance of your choice in your system. When this happens, you need more of the addictive substance in each dose — or you need to take more frequent doses — to produce the same outcome of “high.”
  • Your health is deteriorating: The addictive substance of your choice often negatively affects both your physical and mental health — apart from the development of a substance use disorder. For instance, alcohol addiction can lead to the development of long-term liver problems and various types of cancer.
  • You’ve tried to quit but have been unsuccessful: If you’ve been searching for a sign to get professional help, this is it. Trying to solve the problem alone hasn’t worked, but you have the drive to break free from addiction. Why not get professionals that know better than you involved in your recovery? There’s no shame in seeking help.

What Is a Gender-Specific Rehab Program?

Gender-specific addiction treatment programs typically offered by treatment facilities include men’s rehab programs and women’s rehab programs. These programs are designed specifically to treat male and female clients separately.

Why are men and women separated in these programs? According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), there are fundamental differences between men and women regarding how they experience substance abuse. These differences are developed due to biological or cultural factors, and not every addiction treatment program will cover these differences — even though it may help with the recovery paths of some clients.

Men are more likely than women to develop addictions to alcohol and cannabis. Men also tend to start substance abuse because of the perceived benefits they hope to gain from doing so, such as better concentration or increased sociability. However, men tend to develop substance use disorders less quickly than women.

Gender-specific treatment programs are sensitive to all of the important issues to their participants. They address each of the sexes’ unique needs in a comfortable and supportive environment.

What Should a Client Expect From a Men’s Addiction Treatment Program?

Men’s addiction treatment programs are almost the same as specific addiction treatment programs — the only difference is that there are no female participants. In some, there are also no female members of the staff.

Male clients often choose to get admitted into a men’s rehab center because they want to feel safe, secure, and supported throughout their addiction treatment. Culturally, men are expected to act together and be strong leaders. Addiction may seem like a sign of weakness, and male clients may not want to seem not as strong as they could be or be confronted with that idea with female clients or staff members around. Whether this cause of discomfort is reasonable or not, it is one of the primary benefits of choosing a gender-specific addiction treatment program. Some of the other benefits include the following:

  • A men’s rehab center can offer amenities that are more appealing to men
  • Men can bond with other men facing the same kind of societal pressures
  • Men feel more comfortable opening up without women nearby

Ready To Learn More About the Arbor Behavioral Healthcare’s Gender-Specific Rehab Programs?

If you’re looking for a men’s rehab center in Texas, contact Arbor Behavioral Healthcare today. Call 844.413.2690 or reach out to our team online.