Alex Hardwicke



I remember as a young girl, I was acutely aware of the suffering in the world. I saw the pain my family members endured and suffered through trauma and medical issues. I had a longing in my heart to help those around me but did not know at the time how to cope with my own overwhelming emotions. I later learned I was a born empath, who feels the emotions and needs of others, and destined to become a therapist.

In my adolescent and early adult years, I masked my emotional discomfort with achievements, perfectionism, and ultimately substances. It was an attempt to gain control, but eventually caused irreparable damage and hurt the people I loved the most. Eventually, I surrendered, and as a result of going to treatment and working a recovery program, I was able to heal my past trauma and create a life beyond my wildest dreams. I have been sober since that time, and the biggest gift I have today is my ability to help others achieve this same freedom for themselves.

In 2009, I received my BA in Psychology and Philosophy, went on to earn an MA in Counseling Psychology, became a Licensed Professional Counselor, and certified in EMDR. I am happy to see mental health become less stigmatized, and as the research on chemical dependency grows, I hope to continue learning and enhancing my expertise in the field. I’ve now been able to help people in a wide variety of settings, from traumatized children to chemically dependent adults. However, when I began my work at The Arbor, my heart knew I was where I was meant to be. I’ve worked as a clinician at our Extended Care, Intensive Outpatient Program, Partial Hospitalization Program, and Inpatient Men’s Program, and now have the honor of being the Women’s Program Manager.

I live and love wholeheartedly today, and my intention at The Arbor is to provide a loving, supportive, and thriving environment for my clients, their families, and my staff. Each day I witness miracles, and get to see others heal their pain, recover from the throes of addiction, develop integrity and self-esteem, and begin to live wholehearted lives themselves.