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How Can I Put An End To My Negative Thinking?

man discusses negative thinking with therapist

“Our inner chatter can run like a never-ending soundtrack in the background, often unconsciously, yet informing and guiding so much of our conscious thought, feelings and behavior,” says Jo Bisseker Barr, author of “Stop negative thinking” for Wellness Journal magazine. Everyone deals with negative thinking occasionally. To stop the negative thought, you must practice self-compassion. Be mindful of how you’re talking to yourself and ensure that you’re being kind in good times and bad. “A huge chunk of these words can be negative, increasing our anxiety and stress levels, restricting our ability to step out of our comfort zone and hindering the chance of bringing positivity into our lives,” says Barr. You can put an end to your negative thinking with these simple suggestions.

Negative thoughts

Sometimes we get so used to our negative thoughts that we tune them out. Soon, we don’t even know that they are there. We have to stop this pattern of complacency if we want to do better in our recovery. Negative thoughts “can emerge in moments where we feel we’re not fully in control, casting doubt over our ability to take a risk, go for it and emerge successfully,” says Barr. “Over time, these thoughts become entrenched, breeding anxiety that latches itself onto an increasing number of things in our lives.” Negative thoughts can lead to many different things, including self-doubt, depression, anxiety, a loss of confidence, and falling back into old habits. 

How do I stop it?

Writing down your negative thoughts is an excellent way to make sure you get everything in your head out on paper. When they’re written down, you can “capture and take control of your negative thinking,” Barr says. Then, you’re able to write down thoughts that contrast with the negative ones. These new thoughts will be comforting, kind, encouraging, and will push you to succeed.

Arbor Behavioral Healthcare is here to help you put an end to your negative thoughts and replace them with even better, healthier ones. This is a necessary part of your recovery journey. Reach out to us today at 844-413-2690 for more information about the programs we offer. We can’t wait to hear from you!