Our approach to addiction treatment here at Arbor Behavioral Healthcare is both simple and complex. We begin with getting to know you, your loved one or your patient.  We form a relationship with the client. This enables us to build a highly personalized treatment plan to meet their specific needs and provide support for lasting sobriety.

It's all about the individual

It begins with that initial phone call. Our highly credentialed, multi-disciplinary team will begin to assess the needs of the individual seeking treatment. Our Continuum of Care is unique to Arbor. It allows us to design an individualized treatment plan that can meet you or your loved one exactly where they are on the journey to lifelong sobriety and wellness. Programs range from full inpatient hospitalization and outpatient treatments as well as choices that include residential extended care, sober living, relapse prevention, and alumni support. The Arbor Family Program helps meet the emotional needs of the families of addicts, as well as helping them help their loved one stay well.

Holistic approach

Our therapeutic approach is holistic. We seek to heal the mind, body, and spirit. Every aspect of patient care has been considered and addressed. Arbor professionals include medical doctors, psychiatrists, addiction specialists, therapists and therapy managers. Treatment plans encompass a variety of evidence-based, therapeutic modalities as well as both traditional and cutting-edge therapies to address the specific needs of the individual.

Most of our clients have emotional, personal or mental health issues that underlie their consumption of alcohol and drugs. Long term sobriety is best achieved when the whole person is well. Our medical, clinical and therapeutic staff work together with the patient to resolve underlying problems that impede sobriety. We are prepared to address dual diagnosis and co-occurring mental health disorders.

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Small groups

At each phase of our continuum of care we have kept our capacities small to ensure our clients get the personal attention they need. The maximum size of any of our programs is 20 clients. This enables our counselors to have smaller caseloads so that our clients and their families get the attention they deserve. Our clients get more one-on-one time with treatment staff. Arbor team members engage each client, at a minimum, on a daily basis. Small group settings prevent patients from hiding from their issues and treatment or avoiding daily activities.

Our competitors’ programs are often much larger. In some cases their treatment programs exceed 50 to 100 beds, creating an environment where it’s difficult to get the focused effort of the treatment team.

All of the Arbor Behavioral Healthcare programs build off our strength to provide a focused effort towards each of our clients, every single day, to maximize the value of the time they spend with us.

We take the approach that we do because we truly want to understand each individual’s problem to provide a lasting solution.

Whether this is the first attempt at rehab, or one of several attempts of addiction treatment, our goal  is to customize a treatment and aftercare plan that is the last you’ll ever need.

Long-term support

We are here for the long haul.

We walk the path of recovery with our clients until they have demonstrated the ability and understanding to do it on their own. Every program in our Continuum of Care is designed to help each client carefully and thoughtfully address the issues that led to addiction, as well as those that get in the way of sobriety. Along the recovery path, clients develop appropriate coping skills to address their issues and find the independence they desire.  Program graduates gain additional support via a customized aftercare plan, the Arbor Advocacy (relapse prevention) and Alumni programs.

A one-size-fits-all treatment program cannot do this. Lifelong success is achieved with a highly individualized plan as well as a safe and supportive environment that includes evidence-based treatment modalities.

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