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Alcohol and Drug Addiction Signs

What constitutes an addiction?

By |November 15th, 2018|

There has been a good deal of attention given in recent years to substance abuse, largely due to the ongoing opioid crisis. Opioids are far from the only substa [...]

The Spiral of Addiction: How Addiction Happens

By |July 21st, 2018|

The spiral down to addiction is something every addict goes through. Most drug use starts off small. Perhaps the person set out to just try something once. No o [...]

Signs of Drug Abuse

By |December 30th, 2012|

Addiction affects the lives of millions of people all over the globe.  While the reasons why people begin using a particular substance or behavior to cope with [...]

Signs of Addiction

By |December 29th, 2012|

Addiction is a disease that takes over the entire life of the affected individual and has grave consequences for those who are addicted. This is why it is impor [...]

Addictive Behaviors

By |September 10th, 2012|

As unbelievable as it may seem, research has shown that it really is possible for almost anyone to become physically and or mentally dependent, or compulsively [...]