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Treatment for your patient

We appreciate your interest in The Arbor as an inquiring professional. We pride ourselves in fostering relationships with clinicians and professionals in the community because of the important role you play in providing services, screening, and referring clients to residential care.If the information provided isn’t sufficient in answering all of your questions, please feel free to call our admissions department at 844.413.2690 or email us so that we can answer all of your questions. Our priority is for referring professionals to feel comfortable their clients will receive the highest quality care.

We understand that providing you with the support by promoting the opportunities for you to continue being a part of your patient’s care is important. Together we will continue to fight the disease of addiction through collaborative efforts in helping alcoholics/addicts find the services they need.

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Awarded Three-Year CARF Accreditation

Our Residential, Day Treatment and Intensive Outpatient programs are accredited by CARF International (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities), an independent, nonprofit accreditor of health and human services. Our programs provide a comprehensive continuum of care for adults struggling with substance abuse throughout the Austin area.

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How much contact will I have with the primary therapist?

As long as your patient signs the release of information allowing us consent to keep in contact with you, we will provide weekly updates on their progress. You can receive these updates via email or phone calls, whichever you prefer. These phone calls allow for continued involvement in your client’s treatment episode.

We will work on a discharge plan that we can provide to you upon request as long as your patient continues to provide consent for the documents to be shared. We also feel it is in the best interest of our clients to continue individual therapy post-treatment with the therapist that referred them. The continuum of care post-treatment is a top priority when we formulate discharge plans. We want to work collaboratively with you to create the best possible outcomes for the client.


Our treatment approach

At The Arbor, our approach is to weave the evidence-based approaches of individual and group therapy with the spiritual guidance of the 12-Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous over a minimum of 90 days. Because the program of AA does not affiliate itself with any particular religious denomination we encourage clients to find a level of spirituality they are comfortable with. The reality for most of our clients is that the clinical and spiritual components of both approaches provide an incredibly effective and supportive environment for recovery.In addition to the clinical and 12-Step approaches, we work with experienced clinicians to provide the pharmacological support for our dual diagnosis patients. Many patients upon entering treatment feel they will never find the relief of their mental health issues in sobriety. The reality is that most of the clients that commit to our treatment regimen can reduce, and many times eliminate medications that they have always felt are necessary to function in their daily lives. These medication adjustments are monitored under the care of an experienced team of doctors and therapists. The hope is that every patient leaves with the tools necessary to manage their sobriety and mental health issues.

In the event that a patient exhibits mental health symptoms that require a higher level of care, our team will recommend and transfer that patient to a more intensive, hospital-based center that can meet that patient’s needs. We work closely with local behavioral health centers, hospitals, and detox facilities in order to stabilize and provide optimal care for every individual.

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Do you accept insurance?

During the admission process, our experienced admissions staff can attain verification of benefits from your patient’s insurance provider and inform the patient and family what benefits are available. Our organization works to provide services to as many people as possible and will work to pre-authorize care and summarize any out-of-pocket expenses that families might incur. We also will work with families to help make a financial agreement that the family is comfortable with to help get their loved one the help they need.At any given time, 10% of our patients are on a treatment scholarship. We believe that treatment should not only be available to people who can afford it, but also those in need. Our organization also believes that those patients who are given a chance to succeed with a scholarship will take advantage of the opportunity by working hard in treatment.

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Discharge planning

As treatment completion approaches, a patient will be work with their primary therapist and the clinical team to help construct a comprehensive discharge plan to address their particular needs. The recommendations can include a step down to one of our transition programs for additional time under supervised care if needed. For some of our younger clientele, this is often a great recommendation rather than a larger fall off in structure to sober living. We have an Intensive Outpatient program that helps clients practice the principles and skills they’ve been learning in treatment. Our organization also offers an Advocacy program to support patients in their transition into sober living. We also have high structure, high accountability sober houses that provide the essential safety net for early sobriety out in the community.In addition, our clinicians support continued individual therapy and psychiatric medication management by providing referrals and help clients make appointments with their therapist and psychiatrist prior to leaving treatment. With continued work through the 12-Steps a patient will work to find a home-group, sponsor, and a volunteer commitment setting the stage for long-term success.

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