Holistic Drug rehabilitation programs sometimes last only 6 weeks , some last 90 days. These programs are focused on curing drug addiction by acknowledging underlying causes of addiction that may exist as a result of past experiences of the drug user. Overall their efforts are geared towards spirituality and wholeness of the individual through higher -powers and beliefs which may impact the person’s state of being. Typically, makers of these types of programs believe that substance- abusers are in greatest need of treatment for the entire body. The great thing about this type of program is that it is not comprised of traditional medicine only but it includes holistic treatments and therapy as well.

These types of programs are developed on the basis of real research and proven methodologies of eradicating addiction. Participants in this type of program generally have more complex, psychological issues like depression and other ailments which accompany or prompt substance abuse. These types of rehab centers commonly offer family counseling, acupuncture, yoga, martial arts, and so forth to help participants in their efforts to cope with cravings to return to drug abuse. These types of therapy are not present in many other basic drug rehab programs. These Programs often target the triggers of addiction and they offer nutrition planning along with medicinal attributes.

Some reports claim that vitamin and nutrition insufficiency, Hypoglycemia (Low blood sugar), Candida (Yeast Infections), Hyperthyroidism ( overactive thyroid hormone production)which causes a person to operate from a sluggish or depressive state -of -being, may all have some connection with reasons for using drugs and alcohol. Moreover this treatment is geared toward people who are non responsive to the traditional rehabilitative programs. It is also purposed for those who believe that the lack of spiritual enrichment has led them to addiction.

For the most part, these centers are located in areas that offer participants with serene nature- filled -visuals and private treatment. Since holistic Rehab is focused on the mind body and spirit aspects it is inevitable that faith based programs would also exist. Facilities that are based on a specific faith or religion always incorporate activities stemming from that spiritual perspective into the program. Consequently participants aspiring to return to their faith as it was before addiction have the opportunity to experience spiritual restoration.

Furthermore these programs are flexible and they provide the users with the ability to tailor their treatment according to individual requirements. It is believed that this attribute provides self- empowerment to the subscriber. Consequently individuals adopt the theory that they have the ability to sustain a substance-abuse-free lifestyle.

Some of these treatment centers appear to have gone a step further to embrace diversity. They offer programs that are geared toward specific ethnicities such as treatment for Native American substance abusers and they promote discussions on the introduction of substance abuse habits so that the participant may attune and move forward in their healing.

Nevertheless spiritually based facilities do not discriminate on the acceptance of participants who do not practice religion. These programs are shorter than most rehab programs. However they concentrate on key areas of helping the participant to advance from phase to phase. Many of these programs offer education and lectures designed to train subscribers on what is happening with their bodies and minds spirits as they go through the recovery process.

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