Sometimes, the grip of addiction is too strong to overcome yourself. Sometimes, it’s too strong to overcome by joining a support group. Sometimes, it’s even too strong to overcome by going into detox. When this is the case, a 90-Day drug Rehab program is often the best chance an addict has at actual long-term recovery.

90 day treatment is often more (and sometimes less) than 90 actual days. The term simply means the patient is undergoing a treatment that exceeds – in time and care – what is offered in the standard 30-day detox.

A 90-day program doesn’t just eliminate the drugs from the patient’s body. It focuses on the root causes of the addiction and it focuses on making sure the patient stays clean after leaving the program. More often than not, this is done by splitting the treatment into three basic parts.

The first step is always detoxification and treatment of the addiction itself. While this isn’t the most important step (all steps are given equal treatment), it is the most fundamental. You simply can’t move beyond addiction until the toxins are removed and the physical addiction is treated. In a 90-day facility, this is done under the supervision of a professional to make sure physical withdrawal is treated in the appropriate manner.

Once the body is clean, treatment moves to the mental and emotional factors contributing to the addiction. This is when patients are treated for any potential causes of the addiction. Rarely is addiction only about the body’s need for the drug. Almost always, there are personality traits and fundamental life problems that lead a person to find refuge in drugs. The second stage helps the patient address and overcome these issues.

One of the biggest problems a patient faces while recovering comes after he or she has been released from treatment. Once the patient is clean, it’s very difficult for them to step back into the world and avoid the temptations that led them to addiction in the first place. The third step in a 90-day program addresses this issue. The third step helps the patient reintegrate into society with the proper tools to resist the temptations that overtook them months (or years) ago.

The third step is absolutely vital to long term recovery. Without this third step, the first two steps can be rendered completely pointless in a matter of days. Getting clean (physically and mentally) is important, but staying clean is the key to a new life. If the victory isn’t permanent, the victory isn’t real.

Sometimes, a simple 12-step program is enough. Sometimes a 30-day stay at a detox facility is enough. But sometimes the addiction is so powerful that normal avenues of recovery simply don’t provide the help an addict needs. Sometimes, addiction is a nightmarish roller coaster ride of false-recovery and regression. When this is the case, a 90-day drug rehab center offers the full mind-and-body treatment an addict needs to recover from addiction and maintain that recovery.

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