Women’s drug rehabs are usually not so hard to find. In fact there are many rehabilitation centers that serve women exclusively. In rehabilitation women may expect to find a compassionate professional staff that understand and are able to communicate to women the relationship and the dynamics of women and drug addiction. Initially upon entering a facility one may be counseled and introduced to the staff who will be directly and indirectly involved with their treatment plan. Patients should address any of their concerns and ask questions. Moreover they should expect to receive the best service and treatment as well. Assessments are conducted in the beginning and at that time the patient’s health history will be discussed and evaluated. Professionals are available 24 hours per day every day and they will be able to assist the patient with most issues and provide consultation when necessary. Meetings with staff members are scheduled at some facilities and constant updates on the direction of treatment plans are discussed with them as well.

Detoxification is initiated typically after assessments are made. Allocated staff members monitor the patient closely during this phase in order to ensure safety and well -being. Medication is administered at this point to filter out all substances and prepare the patient’s body for the remainder of treatment.

The patient will be advised on what to expect from the staff, from treatment during the assessment and/or consultation as well. They also provide maps and directions concerning how to travel the grounds and the facility. Generally these facilities offer natural views, and are located in serene locations. Many offer spas, facials, massages, therapeutic and spiritual pleasures and enrichment as a part of therapy and to ensure the comfort of their clients. These facilities promote healthy eating habits through having daily meals prepared and cooked by onsite chefs. Their menus are prepared by the instructions of nutritionists. Women drug rehab teaches women to connect with and address the aspects of the female body and psyche as it relates to drug use and it encourages them to perceive how critical it is, on many levels, to be sober. Once they grasp the concept and gain a desire to inflict no harm to them, they have a better probability of sustaining sober lifestyles. Family involvement is included in a drug treatment program so that patients and families may retain and cultivate there relationships.

Furthermore, women’s drug rehabs offer individual, group and family, counseling and lectures that will educate clients about drug use and its effects on their bodies and in their lives. They also provide interactive discussions and counseling so that women may express their thoughts feelings and experiences with other clients. Family counseling is also a resource used to foster and repair relationships between family and the patient, through providing educational insight on the dynamics of drug addictions. Through this families gain the ability to cope with the issues and learn realistic ways to help their loved one attain and stay on a path of sobriety.

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