With the rise in the rates of alcohol abuse for women in San Antonio and all over Texas, there is really an almost unbelievable need for effective alcohol rehabilitation in San Antonio. As most people know, it can be a tremendous undertaking for women to confront the challenges that come with trying to fight addiction and live drug, alcohol and substance abuse free. Women’s alcohol rehabs in San Antonio provide gender specific alcohol rehab for women in San Antonio and all across Texas.

When women begin using alcohol or some other drug to cope with their daily lives, they quickly begin to build a tolerance to the substance and a true dependence and need to rely on the substance. When a woman begins using, whether it is alcohol, or nearly any other substance, physiological changes take place that create a physical and psychological dependence on the substances that make it practically impossible for nearly any woman to just stop using by choice. As a result of the continued use of the substance, damage often accumulates in the various organs of the body and can result in severe impairments and even death. Women’s alcohol rehab is similar to other traditional alcohol treatment programs that occur in a traditional alcohol addiction centers with groups of mixed genders. Since many women often feel out of place or self-conscious around men, these women can often make more progress if they receive treatment in the company of other women with whom they can bond and support one another in their efforts to become sober and embrace sobriety for the rest of their lives.

Suddenly stopping the use alcohol or other addictive drugs can often cause severe withdrawal symptoms that make it difficult if not impossible to stop drinking or using without treatment. Some withdrawal symptoms can result in death as well. Because of these potentially serious consequences, it can be necessary for people to receive specialized treatment that is especially designed and structured to help individuals to conqueror their addiction in a safe and supportive environment. Many women find that they feel more comfortable going through this stressful and vulnerable time in their lives when they are surrounded by other females both in the treatment group as well as on the staff of the treatment facility.  There are many such alcohol rehabs in San Antonio and all over Texas that have specially trained gender specific staff that are experts at helping alcoholics and others to acquire sobriety and begin living an alcohol free life.

There are many factors that underlie the reasons why people turn to chemicals such as alcohol or other substances to cope with their issues, and all of these reasons and the effects of abuse must be dealt with in treatment to have a successful outcome.  Often individuals have co-occurring mental or physical illnesses such as Bi-Polar disorder, schizophrenia, or PTSD that can complicate treatment, and these co-occurring issues are often complicated by receiving treatment in mixed companies of males and females if the particular woman has had traumatic experiences involving males in the past. Women then may understandably feel freer to open up about these issues when they are in the company of other women, the same can be true in the reverse for men. So the need for gender specific alcohol treatment in the form of men and women’s alcohol rehab is very great.

Sources for women’s alcohol rehab and other addiction treatments in San Antonio and throughout the country are thankfully growing in number to meet this tremendous need. With the rise in alcoholism and alcohol addiction treatment methods there is no reason for anyone that needs an alcohol rehab in San Antonio or elsewhere to delay treatment as anyone that genuinely desires to make a commitment to end their addiction can receive the help that they need to achieve and maintain sobriety.

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