There are more than ten million women who struggle with addiction to alcohol. Alcoholism also affects more than 100 million people worldwide. It can be a devastating disease that affects more than just the person who is suffering from the addiction to alcohol. Families can be torn apart, which can further push the person into a world of addiction. Thankfully, treatment is available at women’s alcohol rehabs in Dallas.

A person suffering from alcoholism has a complex disease that has affected their behavioral patterns, including reward and motivation structures in the brain, and also the body’s chemical dependence. As a person drinks, their body begins to metabolize alcohol differently. Their tolerance for alcohol will change. This means that it will take more alcohol to achieve a state of drunkenness, and it also means the body will develop a physical dependence upon alcohol. This physical dependence results in violent and often dangerous side effects called withdrawal symptoms.

For women, these symptoms can include headaches, nausea, vomiting, excessive sweating, shaking hands, tremors, delirium, hallucinations, and delusions. They can also do damage to their reproductive organs. Alcohol detoxification is an abrupt stop of alcohol drinking combined with withdrawal symptoms. It is important to know that alcohol detoxification does not cure alcoholism itself. The addiction goes much deeper than just the physical dependence. There is also a mental dependence that has combined itself with habits that alcoholic has formed.

Alcohol rehab can take many different forms and can have a combination of treatment methods. While searching for and comparing treatment programs, it is important to check out the credentials, options for recovery, and facilities that are available. Cost can be another crucial factor when selecting a rehabilitation program. An addiction specialist should oversee the program at the very least, and there should be plenty of other medical professionals on hand at the treatment center. Several proven treatment methods are inpatient, 12 step programs, outpatient, one-on-one therapy, and group therapy. There is never a one-fix program or method that will work on everyone once. Rehabilitation programs need to be tailored to each individual suffering from alcoholism.

Women’s alcohol rehabs in Dallas can help you get a better hold on your life if you are the one suffering from alcohol abuse or if it is someone you love and care for. The appropriate program selection is key and necessary to becoming clean and sober. Dallas rehabilitation programs can also provide a safe place for the patient to detox in Texas. The physical dependence can be the largest stepping-stone in the way of an individual’s recovery process. Another thing that is often overlooked in the treatment of addiction is the effect that it has on the family. Families living with an individual suffering from alcohol addiction can be hard homes for children to grow up in and also have a detrimental effect on a marriage. It is a great thing for an individual to seek help with their addiction to alcohol, and they always need support from their family.

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