With the dramatic increase in the rates of substance abuse among men and women in Texas and all across the country there has never been a greater need for effective women drug rehabs in Texas and for effective drug addiction treatment all across the United States.

Women drug rehabs in Texas are effective drug addiction treatment programs that are available to women all across Texas and nearly everywhere in the United States.  Gender-specific programs such as women’s drug rehabs are actually quite similar to traditional drug rehab centers, except that the drug addiction treatment program occurs within a gender-specific facility. This means that women receive treatment for drug addiction in the company of other women, and some facilities even employ an all-female staff to make the gender specific program truly a program designed for women by other women. These types of programs are very beneficial to most women, as women may have had issues in the past in their relationships with men, and women are particularly vulnerable during drug addiction treatment process, so receiving treatment in an all-female setting can help ease the stress that women feel during this difficult time. It is quite normal for most women to feel less self-conscious around other women and also to feel as though they are free to bond more quickly with other women and support one another better in their efforts to overcome drug addiction if they are in an all-female environment. This is especially true for the drug addiction treatment programs that are offered as in patient drug addiction treatment facilities, and studies have shown that these types of programs are generally more successful at treating drug addiction in women and that progress takes place more rapidly than some addiction treatment programs that occur in a mixed gender setting.

Women’s drug rehab will normally consist of the same treatments and therapies that are used to treat drug addiction in a traditional mixed gender drug addiction treatment. The three main categories of treatment at women’s drug rehab are normally detox, counseling and aftercare.

In the detox process, the addict will stop using the addictive substance and deal with the painful and often serious withdrawal symptoms that most addicts experience as they work through the process of becoming free of their dependence and physical addiction to the addictive drug. After detox, drug addiction treatment will then usually consist of some sort of educational program and to help individuals to learn about the causes of addiction and to examine and discover the particular reasons why they began using drugs. Therapies at this stage of drug addiction treatment focus on healing, while also teaching the addict new coping mechanisms and life skills so that they are less likely to relapse and return to using drugs as a means to cope with the stresses of everyday. As the addict makes progress, attention to therapies to help the addict make the transition back into society easier often occur. Once the addict leaves the drug rehab facility, many drug addiction treatments include an aftercare program that features continued counseling, monitoring and attending support groups so that the addict has the support that they need to continue to live without returning to drug use. Women’s drug rehabs are helping women all over the country to relearn how to live their lives free of drug abuse.

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