The population in Texas has seen enormous growth in the last several years and with the rise in population, the need for effective addiction treatment has literally exploded all over Texas as well as many other parts of the United States.  Addiction treatment programs now exist all over the state of Texas to meet this need and provide life-saving services to addicts and their families and loved ones.

Addiction rehabilitation or rehab is addiction treatment that is available for most addictions. There are many different types of addiction treatment. Some addiction treatments are offered on an inpatient basis and others are offered on an outpatient basis. Depending on your type of addiction, the first part of the process of addiction rehab, involves actually stopping the use of the addiction and detoxing from the substance. Due to potentially life threatening withdrawal symptoms, you may need to be medically supervised to prevent possible serious side effects as your body learns to go without the addictive substance. Some addiction rehabs provide this medically supervised detoxification process; others require that the addict receive that type of treatment elsewhere before enrolling in their treatment programs. During this process, many addiction treatment centers in Texas and elsewhere will use alternative therapies to help the addict deal with the withdrawal symptoms, such as acupuncture and yoga and meditation. Still other addiction treatments include medication to speed the detox process along or to help lessen the pain and severity of the withdrawal symptoms.

Once the addict has successfully completed the detoxification process if they are a resident in an addiction treatment center, the next step is meeting with trained addiction therapists and other staff at the addiction rehab that will evaluate the addict and help them begin the process of learning how to live addiction free. This will often involve individual and group counseling sessions and many other activities and therapies that will seek to both educate the addict about addiction and teach the addict new coping methods to use to be able to resist temptations and urges to relapse and use again. Many of these therapies involve art therapy, talk therapy, yoga, equine assisted therapy, fitness training, meditation and relaxation, moral reconation therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, and many more! At some point during the rehab process, many treatment plans will include family counseling to help the addict and their families begin to heal the damage that addiction has caused these crucial relationships.

Additionally, addiction treatment will often later involve practicing these coping skills and learning to adjust to life outside of the treatment plan and rehab facility. The goal is to help the addict make the transition back into life while making sure that they have the help and support that they need to remain addiction free. Many addiction treatments offer some sort of aftercare program that will include monitoring, counseling or other support to help the addict in their quest to remain sober and addiction free. It is really possible for addicts in Texas and elsewhere to break free of addiction when they have the help and support that they need and which is provided in addiction treatment centers.

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