The Arbor speaks for a new treatment approach for treating individuals who are struggling hard to stop the debilitating cycle of addiction. This institution incorporate the best practices in the field using research – based therapies and an effective 12 – step program supported with scientific facts to help individuals with various stages of addiction problem to recover from their condition. The Arbor offers a 90 day experience that is specifically created in order for its residents to fully achieve as well as maintain their sobriety.

The Arbor is basically a twelve step Alcohol and Substance Use Disorder program established by a team of professionals and experts in addiction combining at least ninety five years of experience in chemical dependency to come up with a solid solution to address the growing substance and alcohol addiction in the society. The treatment program offered by the institution has been designed as a fifteen months of treatment and support inclusive of two central phases which is the 90-day residential treatment program and followed with twelve months of aftercare treatment support program.

Patients at The Arbor are provide the opportunity to recover from their drug and or alcohol dependency in a comfortable and home like ambiance as opposed to other traditional and more conventional drug treatment facilities in the country. The institution also offers an innovative dual diagnosis program which is highly effective because it not only address the addiction of the patient but the various mental health issues of the patient as well. With their specialized treatment program, The Arbor expects all its clients to recover from their current addiction because their treatment programs are not only centered on traditional methods but they also offer other treatment alternatives which include solitary and group therapies, continuous medical assessment of the client, as well as using top of the line, highly sophisticated technologies to heal every clients to accomplish their goals.

The treatment and recovery programs being implemented at The Arbor promotes the participation of family members, friends and loved ones, medical professionals and other persons involved in the battle of the client against substance and alcohol dependency. The major role of the institution is offer assistance to clients and to their loved ones when it comes to understanding the real cause and effects of addiction while assessing and addressing the client’s life and mental issues. By including the family members in the method of treatment, there is big chance of recovery as compared to traditional methods for rehabilitation where the patient is segregated from the rest of the world.

With a new approach in treating substance and alcohol dependents, The Arbor believes that it will be a journey for addicts to recover from their dependency. With alternative treatments and state of the art technologies at hand, the possibilities are huge that the path towards recovery is always an achievable feat. With enough determination along with the help and guidance of family members and health professionals, there is no reason why patients with drug and alcohol problems should not recover from their ordeal.

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