By the end of my stay at The Arbor, I had the tools to live my life on an entirely different basis. Not only was I free of the desire to drink and take opiates, but for the first time in my life I was truly at peace and happy. Eighteen months later, I continue to grow spiritually. I have a new life. I now live in Austin and have a new career in the recovery field. Today I get work with others who were in the same spot as I was when I reached my bottom. Every week, as an Arbor alumnus, I get to share my own experience strength and hope with those who are in treatment there. The continuing aftercare program at the Arbor helps me continue to grow in sobriety and stay connected to my peers and the Arbor staff. Today I get to have more fun in sobriety than I ever had while I was drinking and drugging. With the help of The Arbor, I have had a life changing experience that I now get to have on a daily basis! ~ Brandon G.