If you have ever watched the total wreck that becomes of someone’s life when they start using and abusing drugs it is hard to see how they can ever recover from their dependence on drugs and to relearn how to live life again addiction free. With proper treatment, recovery drug addiction is certainly possible for any addict that truly wants to stop using and abusing drugs.

Few people ever start out with the life goal of becoming a drug addict. There are many reasons why people turn to drug use, and often times use begins innocently enough as a way to fit in or experiment. Soon, drug use becomes a way to feel more comfortable in socially awkward situations and becomes used increasingly to help the addict to deal with the stresses of their everyday life. Soon, the addict is unable to just stop using because of the changes that have taken place in their body and their mind and then they have to continue using and abusing the drug. Soon, their whole life will start to form around this need to obtain and use the drug. Often times it takes professional treatment to begin the recovery process from drug addiction, but even if an addict does enroll in a drug treatment program and completes the detox, counseling and aftercare portions of their treatment and becomes addiction free, the road of recovery is not a one-time stop but is instead a lifelong process of self-discovery and seeking and receiving education and support about addiction and remaining vigilant to temptations to relapse and avoiding triggers that might prompt a moment of weakness when a craving to return to addiction strikes.

There are many different programs that can help any addict in their recovery efforts. One of the most successful is Narcotics Anonymous or (N.A.) N.A. was modeled after the 12 Step Programs that was begun by Alcoholics Anonymous as a means of treatment and support for addiction to alcohol. Alcohol really is just another drug, and addicts of other drugs and substances can benefit from the 12 Step Programs. 12 Step Programs actually teach addicts a way of life that helps them remain in recovery by using various techniques to heal from the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual damage to their lives that their drug addiction has caused. Main features of the 12 Steps include surrender to a higher power, self-inventory, making amends, and attending regular support group meetings with other users to bond, share, and support and encourage one another in their efforts to become and remain drug free. There are also other support groups and other addiction treatment programs that do not follow the path to recovery that is provided by the 12 Steps, but the 12 Steps have been shown to consistently help anyone who truly wishes to learn how to become and remain drug free.

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