Opiates are powerful narcotic drugs that are used to treat mild to severe physical pain by some, opiates are abused for the powerful effects they can have the body by some, and some opiate drugs, like oxymorphone are used to treat certain depressive disorders. Depression is a mental disorder that is characterized by a chemical imbalance that causes a person to feel constant feelings and emotions of sadness. Depression hurts, opiates relieve pain. It makes sense why opiates and depression are often paired together. When people suffer from the terrible disease of depression, opiates offer relief, and that is very attractive to a person in a very dark state of mind.

Though opiates may help with depression, they are very dangerous as they are of the most addictive of substances. Heroin is an illegal narcotic drug, considered by many to be the most powerful drug out there, and it is also from the opiate family. This is an example of just how powerful opiates are, in both medical and illegal divisions. Opiates are used in surgeries and for those recovering from pain, drug addicts looking for a euphoric high use heroin. Opiates clearly affect the mind and the body. The right opiate drug can help a person who is depressed feel lighter and freer, but there are risks.

Since opiates are very addictive, there are a lot of people who use opiates for the treatment of depression who then become addicted to the opiates. When it comes to opiates, those who are addicted also build up a tolerance for them. Once a tolerance is built, an addict will have to take more of whatever drug they are using, opiate medication in this case, in order to feel the effects that they seek. Many opiate users for depression end up abusing their medication as they try and satisfy their cravings.

Most unfortunately, when it comes to opiates and depression, many people who use opiate for depression become unable to use the opiate medication that had previously been using. Commonly, their doctor does not renew the prescription, or they can no longer afford the medication. In these instances, many people turn to illegal opiates, like heroin, to satisfy their physical dependency for opiates, soon they are also illegal drug addicts and suffer all the hardships and pain that illegal drug addicts suffer.

Opiates and depression have an interesting connection. One helps the other, and then tends to hurt. It is proven over and over again, opiates usually harm more than they help when it comes to depression. And so, other antidepressant medications are encouraged.

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