Many people have heard of various inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment programs and support groups and may mistakenly believe that these programs that typically last 30 to 90 days are the only treatment options available for addiction. For individuals who have tried to stop using and abusing drugs many times in the past and have failed, these folks may need additional time to practice their life skills and build the support networks that they need to be successful in preventing a relapse into drug use and abuse of alcohol or other drugs. To meet this need, there are now inpatient addiction treatment programs that last 6 months or longer and also an intensive sober living program that can serve as a transitional addiction treatment method so that the addict has a longer time frame to receive support, counseling and more to help ensure the best chance of recovery from addiction in the long term. This type of program will normally begin after the addict’s initial inpatient drug addiction treatment program has been completed and will help the addict to be more successful as they begin to reintegrate into society as an addiction free citizen.

An intensive sober living program typically focuses on helping the addict to develop early recovery skills to prevent relapse and also features family involvement, continued individual therapy and also active participation in one of the 12 step groups. A benefit of an intensive sober living program is that it provides the addict a venue so that they can continue to receive support from sober peers who are also in the program to help each of them adjust to a drug free lifestyle and reinforce the new coping skills and life skills that they have learned that will help to prevent relapse. These types of programs usually last for several months and are ideal for addicts who have a history of prior relapse or who perhaps do not live in an ideal environment that will support their efforts at becoming and remaining free of drug use. These programs can also be structured so that the addict can return to work or school, while returning to the facility in the evenings so that they are able to begin to reclaim their lives while remaining in an environment that will continue to support them in their efforts at preventing relapse. While relapse into drug use can occur at any time, the first several months after completing the addiction treatment program really are crucial to any addict’s efforts to successfully become and remain sober and drug free. Temptations and cravings to use will always remain with the addict, but having the support of fellow sufferers at the same stage of recovery, as well as access to staff and services in these types of programs can really be the edge that an addict needs in their fight to overcome their addiction.

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