While some addicts are able to stop using drugs on their own, most need professional addiction help and find that they have the best chance to successfully stop using drugs when they enroll in inpatient drug rehab centers. There are many different types of inpatient drug rehab centers all over the United States that can help addicts beat their addiction to drugs.

In patient drug rehab can last anywhere from 15 to 90 days, with shorter and longer periods available. Most addicts can expect to spend at least 30 days within the drug treatment facility. There are many different types of treatments and therapies available to help addicts stop using drugs. Almost without exception, drug rehab will usually start with detox. Detox is sometimes completed onsite, and other times it is completed in another facility before enrolling in a specific drug rehab program at a particular treatment facility. Detox is considered the toughest part of drug rehab in the fact that most addicts experience uncomfortable, painful, and at times severe, withdrawal symptoms during this part of the drug addiction treatment.  Some drug rehab centers prescribe the addict medication during this process to help lessen the withdrawal symptoms while other centers ascribe to a more holistic approach that focuses on alternative treatment, such as acupuncture, massage and organic meals and vitamin and mineral supplementation to get through this difficult stage. Regardless of the program used or where the detox occurs, this is the crucial first step to helping an addict to stop using drugs.

After completing detox, most drug treatment centers educate the addict about their addiction and help the addict to discover the many potential underlying causes of drug use and addiction. Addicts learn how to identify what triggers their particular cravings to start using drugs again as well as learning new coping mechanisms to deal with these cravings and life skills and activities to pursue instead of addictive substances. During this part of the addiction treatment, it is very important that addicts learn how to develop their own network of support to help them cope once they are on the outside of the treatment center.

Some of the therapies that are used in this part of the drug addiction treatment include individual and group therapy and counseling, art therapy, yoga and daily exercise, meditation, equine assisted therapy and many more. At some point during the treatment process many 90 day treatment facilities will also offer additional supportive services such as family therapy, or even in some cases job search and housing assistance to help the client as they transition back to a new life on the outside of the facility that is free from drugs. Often times, the drug addiction center will continue to follow up with the addict after they leave the facility with a program of aftercare. This often includes continuing individual and group counseling on an outpatient basis, attending support group meetings, monitoring and other activities to help the addict continue to remain drug free on the outside of the center. By enrolling in inpatient drug rehab centers many addicts are able to receive the help that they need to become and remain drug free.

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