• Is Treatment Right for You?

    We appreciate you taking the time to view the information about the Arbor and the extensive services we offer to people seeking recovery. As you have been taking a tour of our site you may be asking yourself this very question. “Is treatment right for me?” This can be a difficult question to answer if you’re suffering from addiction. It’s often times easier for family members, loved ones, and friends to see that someone really needs help before the addict/alcoholic can readily admit they have a problem. As recovering addicts and alcoholics, we understand there is tremendous amount of fear and reluctance about seeking help. Going into treatment can be a tough decision. But let us assure you, if you are in search of a program that provides a therapeutic setting combined with a highly trained clinical staff, cutting edge treatments, and the tools needed for recovery, you have found the right place.

    The National Institute on Drug Abuse states that 85,000 people die annually due to alcohol, 20,000 due to illicit (illegal) drugs, and 20,000 due to prescription drug abuse. Like other chronic illnesses, the disease of addiction does not discriminate between gender, race, culture, sexuality or socio-economic status. If untreated, it can take the life of any person just as easily as untreated diabetes, cancer, or heart disease. If you feel that your use has placed your life in danger, allow us to put your mind at ease on whether treatment is right for you.

    • A common obstacle is the cost of treatment. Consider this:
      What price tag can you put on your life? What value would your family say that your life is worth?
      Give us the opportunity to work with you and your family through the financial aspect. All you have to do is commit to getting help. Our company is dedicated to helping families find a plan that works for them so you can get the help you need.
    • Do you have responsibilities you feel you can’t leave behind? Remember treatment is only temporary. Almost all responsibilities including occupation, legal issues, and family dilemmas are easily managed during the time in treatment. Most employers recognize drug/alcohol dependence as a medical condition for which they will approve a Leave of Absence. Legal matters are quite frequently very accommodating to someone who is trying to get help. Our trained clinical and medical staff is accustomed to managing and documenting these issues in order to help you get the help you need.
    • Have you broken trust with your family? Most suffering addicts/alcoholics feel they cannot repair the damage and rebuild trust with family by going through treatment. This could not be more false. As you progress through treatment your assigned counselor provides weekly updates to your family on your efforts and progress. Demonstrating your desire for sobriety in treatment is an excellent way to begin rebuilding damaged relationships with family. They will find comfort in knowing where you are and that you’re safe.
    • How do I know treatment will work for me? The simple answer is you don’t. But you’ll never know unless you try. What we can assure you of is that the information, cognitive skills, trauma work, emotional management techniques, and 12 step curriculums are tried and true. A lack of success post-treatment is only due to the lack of integration of everything a person learns in treatment. If you continue to practice what you learn, you will be successful.

    The reality of the situation is that if you’re questioning whether you need help, you may very well need the help. Call our admissions department who can provide a valuable assessment for the exact services that you need. Our admissions counselors will give you honest feedback about a treatment course that is right for you.

    We feel confident that our treatment approach at The Arbor is balanced blend of the components needed for sobriety. We are ready to help you find and build the strength you need for long-lasting recovery.

    We are waiting for your call and ready to help you face the fear and address your addiction. Pick up the phone and call us…

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