• Treatment for Your Loved One

    We appreciate you for taking the time to learn more about treatment options we offer. Finding help for your loved one can be a difficult decision. It can be a challenge determining what kind of help your family member needs. Equally as difficult is how to get their agreement in accepting help. We have solutions to help identify appropriate help and then getting your loved one to agree to that help. It’s important to seek guidance from professionals that are experienced in working with families and friends, and who also understand the obstacles your loved one is facing. We can provide the assistance and support needed through this challenging process and help them get the treatment they need.

    When families battle alcoholism/addiction, relationships go through a complete breakdown in every aspect. It is difficult to trust someone who is in active addiction and the addict/alcoholic is so angry with their family members that getting them help can feel like an impossible task. The emotional strain and stress of watching someone drown in alcoholism/addiction can be taxing on everyone involved. The Arbor’s goal in working with families is to help the family system begin to heal and identify how to better support their loved one through treatment and early recovery.

    Through a comprehensive assessment, The Arbor will work with you to help find your family the appropriate level of care. We can help organize interventions, facilitate detox services, admission into residential care, and construct an individualized continuing care plan for long-term recovery.

    Family Support

    Like many other chronic illnesses, The Arbor views the disease of addiction as a family disease. It is easy to see that everyone in relationship with the addict has their life impacted by the pain addiction causes. This perspective is a widely accepted aspect of the disease model of addiction and is considered the systems approach to addressing dysfunction in the family unit.

    The mission of The Arbor is to assist family members and significant others in changing the negative effects generated in their lives due to being emotionally close and personally involved with someone suffering from alcoholism/addiction.

    You will learn:

    • why the American Medical Association defines addiction as a disease
    • the 3 C’s: you didn’t Cause the addiction, you can’t Control the addiction/addicted person, you can’t Cure the addiction
    • how to avoid relapse
    • what Al-Anon is and why it is important for you to participate
    • what “working the program” means

    You will learn how to:

    • regain your self-respect
    • establish better boundaries
    • identify & effectively express emotions
    • cope with stress
    • deal with anger and resentment
    • forgive yourself
    • practice new relational skills
    • support recovery without rescuing or enabling
    • enhance your self-care

    By the end of the Family Program, family members will gain increased knowledge about the impact of addiction on the family, an understanding of the concepts of codependency and enabling, an increased ability to recognize defense mechanisms in oneself and others, and new skills for improved family communication including how to appropriately speak to others about their behaviors. The family deserves the opportunity to learn tools to help them heal as much as the client. The Arbor Family Program provides support and hope.

    What Happens After Treatment?

    Once a client is approaching the end of their treatment episodes, our clinical team will help them establish a discharge plan that best fits their needs.

    The Arbor’s discharge planning can include:

    • Acquiring a sponsor
    • Recommendation for sober living
    • 12-month aftercare group
    • Individual counseling
    • Psychiatric medication management
    • Recovery Coaching

    If you feel that The Arbor is able to provide the services you need for you loved one and family, contact our admissions department so we can help.

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