People begin drinking alcohol for various reasons. Over time, some people begin to drink uncontrollably and can find it hard if not impossible to stop. Millions of people all over the world have fallen victim to alcoholism and alcohol abuse impacts everyone in the alcoholic’s circle of influence and destroys relationships and careers in addition to the health of its users. With these sad statistics it is important for everyone to know how to help alcoholics.

In the past many people thought it was impossible to help alcoholics to quit drinking. One of the main things that people who care about alcoholics can do to help them is to become educated about the disease. It is important for everyone to know that anyone can become susceptible to becoming an alcoholic if they use alcohol. Alcoholism does not care if someone is male or female, how old or young they are how much education they have or even how much money they make, it can affect anyone. Regardless of why someone starts using alcohol, once anyone starts certain physical and mental changes occur in the body due to alcohol use that make it ever increasingly difficult to stop using alcohol. The alcoholic will soon lose interest in anything but drinking and will begin to structure their life around acquiring alcohol and drinking.  Alcohol use begins to affect every organ in the body, particularly the liver, lungs, heart and brain. There are many treatment programs available to help the alcoholic beat their addiction and begin to walk the road to recovery to heal their body, mind and spirit of the effects of their alcohol use. Therapies aim at helping the alcoholic break their physical and mental dependence on alcohol and to learn successful coping strategies to deal with the stresses of life that can lead them to be tempted to relapse and begin drinking again.

In addition to becoming educated about the disease of alcoholism and learning about the many treatment options available to help alcoholics become sober and embrace and alcohol free life, there are many other things that people can do to help alcoholics.

It is important to always be encouraging alcoholics to get help for their alcohol addiction but to not do so in a negative or combative way. People have to be willing to hear the message you are trying to deliver, so great care must be made in approaching alcoholics about their addiction. People with alcoholics in their lives must stop behaviors that enable the alcoholic to continue in their addiction and they should never give an alcoholic any money directly if they are trying to help the alcoholic with their needs they should try to pay things like rent and electric bills or buy groceries directly rather than turning cash over to the alcoholic. Alcoholics are accustomed to using manipulation to obtain their drink and turning cash over to them is too much of a temptation. When encouraging an alcoholic to seek treatment, individuals can let them know that they are free to take the time to get help for their addiction. Often times alcoholics put off treatment if they are still somewhat functioning and caring for others. It is important to let the alcoholic know that they are cared for and they must do whatever is necessary to get help to become alcohol free. Finally, people who wish to help alcoholics will do whatever is necessary to not trigger new alcohol use and will be there for them when they need support to deal with temptations. Listening is sometimes the best way to be a friend to an alcoholic or anyone else.

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