If you have ever seen a drug abuser and watched as the drug abuser’s life turn into a complete shambles as the grip of addiction increased its hold, then you most likely know that unless the addict wants to receive help and is able to receive treatment and support, their drug use is a one way ticket to the grave.  Often times, those who abuse drugs become so enslaved to their drug use that they lose hope of ever being able to break free and live a normal life with a home and family and friends that truly care for them, so they give up and resign themselves to their fate. While it is true that continuous drug use causes physiological and psychological changes that damage every organ in the user’s body and also make it almost impossible for them to quit using without help and support, there are treatments available for anyone who is willing to make a commitment to treatment to break their addiction, so that they can heal their body, mind and spirit as they begin to walk the road of recovery. While it is difficult to break free from the bonds of drug addiction, there is help for drug abuse.

The first step in getting help for drug abuse is getting the addict to realize that they have a problem. People with substance abuse issues often have become masters at denial and manipulation to cover up their drug abuse and to continue to obtain and use the addictive substance. Even with the dire consequences of drug abuse, many abusers are often in denial even to themselves that they have a problem. The first step then is to talk non-judgmentally with the abuser and try to get them to see that they need help. If this does not work, it may be useful to go with several friends and family members to get the addict to try to see reason. If the addict remains in denial then if at all possible you may even want to consider seeking the services of a professional addiction intervention counselor or possibly even seek legal assistance with members of law enforcement to get the addict into treatment. Many times, continued drug abuse can literally mean the life or death of a drug addict, so even though incarceration is not something to wish on anyone, it may be the only event that will get the drug addict to “wake up” and realize that they need help. Visiting someone in prison is definitely better than visiting their grave.

Once someone accepts that they need help to stop using and abusing drugs, the next step is to get them into a drug treatment program so that they can receive the help that they need to become physically and psychologically free of their dependence on the substance.  Anyone can find a number of resources online for finding drug treatment programs in their area, and any can also always ask their physician, a counselor or psychologist, a member of clergy, a social worker or sometimes even their employer’s employee assistance program for help in finding a referral to a qualified drug treatment program. By entering a drug treatment program, any addict will find the help that they need to break free from addiction and learn how to live life drug free.

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