Sometimes when someone is bogged down by all of the effects of the disease of alcoholism, the prospect that they can ever stop drinking and live alcohol free can seem impossible.  While recovery from alcoholism can be difficult, getting help for alcoholism is certainly possible when anyone makes a firm decision to stop drinking and seeks help to become sober and relearn how to live their lives alcohol free.

Alcoholism is a disease that has both mental and physical origins and it impacts every aspect of the sufferers’ physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life. Any successful treatment of the disease must take into account all aspects of its cause and ramifications to be able to help the sufferer defeat their drinking habit.

Throughout the entire world there are literally millions of individuals who are working hard each day to be victorious in their fight to defeat their dependence on alcohol. This disease can manifest itself in anyone who takes a drink regardless of how old they are, what sex they are, how educated or wealthy they are or from what country they come from, this disease can affect anyone. Once someone starts drinking, alcohol makes changes throughout the body, particularly the brain, that make it nearly impossible for someone to quit drinking on their own even though they may desperately want to end the cycle of pain and shame that drinking brings into their life. All over the world, countless lives are destroyed by dependence on alcohol. Left untreated this disease ultimately results in severe organ damage and health problems and will ultimately cause death. Before resulting in fatality, uncontrolled drinking causes the destruction of families, homes, relationships, the ability to earn a living and countless other detrimental effects.  With all of the problems and pain that drinking uncontrollably can bring, it is a wonder that anyone ever takes a drink, but even knowing the dangers many start drinking anyway and succumb to its temptations.

Getting help for alcoholism often involves receiving treatment from professionals who are skilled in helping alcoholics stop drinking and begin to heal from the many effects of the disease. The treatment process often begins with detox to manage the painful and at times dangerous withdrawal symptoms that accompany the detox process.  This is necessary to become physically free of the dependence on alcohol and is best done when supervised by qualified personnel who are trained to deal with any emergency that may arise when detoxing from alcohol.

Treatment then centers on the psychological aspects of the causes of alcoholism, and alcoholics receive education about the disease and individual and group counseling to discover the underlying issues that lead to their using alcohol to cope with the stresses of life. Alcoholics often receive additional therapy and treatment to learn new life skills to help cope with temptations to relapse as well as how to build their support network and develop new hobbies and interests that will occupy their minds so that they are less tempted to resume drinking. Treatment often follows after they leave the treatment facility and they often regularly attend counseling sessions and support group meetings to give them the strength and support that they need to continue to be sober.

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