With the increase in the rates of drug abuse as well as the rise in awareness of the causes of addiction and the need for drug treatment, it is not as difficult to find an effective drug rehab program as it was in the not so distant past. With increased research, education, and public awareness, people all over the world are becoming more aware of this widespread problem and some of the old stereotypes surrounding the causes and treatment of drug addiction is disappearing.

Several years ago many in the health care community thought that once an individual started using alcohol, drugs or other substances that it was impossible for them to ever stop. Still others thought that the reasons why someone would turn to substances for escape was due to laziness. Many others also mistakenly believed that if someone does start to use drugs or alcohol if they have enough will power alone that is enough to simply stop using these substances at any time. All of these beliefs have been proven to be false or, at best, half-truths.

While making a determined effort to stop using drugs can go a long way to helping the addict to be successful in curbing their drug use, it is often not enough to simply desire to stop using drugs, alcohol, or other substances. Research has proven that drugs, alcohol and other substances and harmful habits all make certain changes in the brain’s neurochemistry that affect the rewards center of the brain as well as damaging other parts of the body and in some cases leading to physical dependency on the drug which can lead to painful and serious withdrawal symptoms when use of the substance is discontinued. Also, many addicts first begin using these substances as an escape or way to cope with underlying issues and situations, so any successful treatment program to rehabilitate the drug user must educate the addict and help them to discover the causes of their addiction and to learn to identify their triggers to use and also learn new coping skills and other techniques to cope with the stresses of life and not relapse back into their old habits and drug use.

Despite all of the challenges that drug rehabilitation brings to the life of the addict, freedom from addiction is possible with successful drug treatment. There are many different austin drug treatment programs available to help the addict become drug free. Any drug treatment program must address all of these factors to help the addict to be successful in their desire to quit using drugs, alcohol and other substances or habits. An effective drug rehab program can be on an inpatient or outpatient basis and can include detox, individual counseling and group counseling to get at the root causes of the addict’s drug use and help them learn about their individual triggers to use, additional therapies such as art and equine assisted therapy to teach addicts new life skills that will help them cope with temptations to return to drug use and building a support network through the use of local support groups to help give the addict the support that they need as they deal with temptations to return to using drugs. By using all of these many different types of treatment, addicts can be successful in their efforts to become drug free.

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