Dual diagnosis treatment centers offer treatment for patients experiencing both drug and/or alcohol addiction along with mental illness. It is very complex in that these diseases have different variables and side effects. A person who has both disorders compounds the severity of damage to the body and the amount of treatment needed. Often people who have a dual condition experience psychiatric conditions such as bi polar, anxiety, and panic attacks. There is a possibility that the individual may have more than one disorder as well as dual addictions. Treatment centers have professional staff who will address each of these issues. Drs. evaluate, diagnose and plan treatment for patients and the other members ensure that the process goes as planned.

Centers offer drug treatment through developing a customized program, which includes, therapies, and medicine, to aid each person in sobriety. These methods are used to help professionals find the sources for the direct and indirect ailments or issues which accompany the user’s conditions. Some facilities offer 12 step programs which are designed to operate more simplistically. Furthermore treatment should be sought in the earliest stages to prevent damage from long term use of drugs and alcohol. At times addictions may bring on symptoms which appear to the user as mild or moderate as something that can be cured over the counter. However they could be symptoms of more advanced illness which the user will not be able to detect on his/her own. In attempts to relieve oneself of minor pain using over the counter drugs and other remedies are applied to unknown conditions. As a result more damage is done to the body.

Dual addiction is complex as it involves more than one type of addictive disorder behavior with its separate affects. The user has developed a habit of satisfying an uncontrollable urge that impacts his/her life. Reports say that drug users could spend roughly $200 per day on a drug habit alone. Not only is it expensive for the user it costs communities states and governments billions of dollars to help keep the troubled behaviors, health treatments, and repairing and replacing properties and helping to heal of there family members who have been affected as well. It is important for the addictions to be resolved or managed in a quick and effective manner.

Licensed and practicing physicians will be able to analyze symptoms and behavior and treatment more closely on patients who reside in an in patient setting. Inasmuch the patient would receive 24 hour support to combat those urges and ease pains and counsel with the family and bring them together in a counseling session and do much more monitoring the patients progress. Largely one should contact the professionals so that he/she may improve chances at living a drug and alcohol free.

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