Dual diagnosis is a term that is gaining usage in the world of addiction today. Formerly, individuals who would have been treated as such patients would have been facing slim chances of recovery and programs that would have been less than beneficial to them. Dual diagnosis is the result of an individual suffering from two or more co-occurring conditions, a mental illness and an addiction to alcohol or drugs. An example would be someone who has bipolar and also alcoholic. There are many centers that treat individuals with dual diagnosis in Texas.

A true fact of dealing with dual diagnosis is that in adults, the cases can go unnoticed or can be overshadowed by either the addiction or mental illness, leaving one part of the person’s problem without treatment. Another circumstance is that the symptoms of the addiction or the mental illness will be treated as symptoms of the other disease. Research has shown that people suffering from two co-occurring disorders can rarely achieved success at a healthy and sober lifestyle without both disorders getting attention from medical professionals. Getting treatment with a dual diagnosis can be harder to find, but there are centers available that can treat individuals suffering from both a mental illness and an addiction to alcohol or drugs.

A treatment center or a rehabilitation program should have an addiction specialist caring for patients and overseeing the programs for each specific case, especially if those patients have both an addiction to alcohol and drugs and a mental illness. Addiction specialists are medical doctors who have undergone specialized medical training where they learned to deal with addiction, including persons with co-occurring disorders. An addiction specialist will have become certified by specific boards of health in the medical community to authenticate their possession of the knowledge. It is important to seek help from a trained medical professional to find out if the individual suffering from addiction has a mental illness, and if so, they will need to attend treatment programs with the right credentials to assist them.

The right treatment center or rehabilitation program can be hard to find, but the task should not put off for an individual seeking treatment. Calling different dual diagnosis treatment centers in Texas is a great first step to take when beginning the search. The intake personnel can offer the information on their own center and also give references to other places that could be of more assistance. Since cost is often the deciding factor, there are other calls to make as well.

Contacting the insurance provider of an individual with co-occurring disorders is paramount to knowing what centers are available to you. If the individual does not have insurance, the people at the respective centers can offer more information about other funding options that could be available to them as well. A person suffering from a mental illness along with an addiction to drugs or alcohol will be in need of care, and there are treatment centers available to assist patients with dual diagnosis in Texas.

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