Dual diagnosis is usually used to refer to the condition whereby a drug addict is suffering from a combination of severe mental illness and substance abuse problems.  In these scenarios one needs treatment for both disorders in order to completely heal from the drug addiction.  Dual diagnosis treatment is like killing two birds with one stone as both drug abuse and mental illness should be addressed individually and in conjunction. Dual diagnosis in Houston Texas offers programs for both conditions that are highly essential in ensuring one heals fully from the mess of drug addiction.  Dual diagnosis treatment is usually highly complex – a certified substance abuse counselor alone cannot provide the ultimate care required.

Dual diagnosis treatment in Houston Texas involves initial medical detoxification – the most critical starting point for recovery.  A medical detoxification aids in the full cleansing of the body from all the toxic effects of the drugs previously abused. With medical attention the severe withdrawal symptoms that usually tend to come with this process are kept in check, minimizing risk and keeping the detoxification period short and of the utmost comfort.

Once the detox medical treatment is finished it is usually followed by a 30 to 90 day treatment center to ensure against relapse.  Here you will also be able to find highly qualified personnel that are on point, providing the necessary psychiatric assistance for both the mental illness and the residual effects of chemical dependency.

Dual diagnosis programs focus on ascertaining the issues that led to the addiction in the first place rather than merely dealing the particular substance alone .This kind of treatment looks at the mental factors widely known to influence drug addiction. Any dual diagnosis treatment program must be geared at addressing psychiatric problems such as depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety, rather than simply chemical dependence.

The psychiatric issues are usually exaggerated by the drugs, so detoxification is necessary in order to counter these effects fast so that psychiatric counseling can take place appropriately. Standard protocol for dual diagnosis usually involve psychiatric evaluation in which both the patient and close family members are usually involved .Dual diagnosis program usually takes longer that the other rehabilitation programs as it essentially involves the healing of two kind of illnesses at the same time .

Taking the dual diagnosis Houston, Texas rehabilitation program is a positive step to heal the mind and body from the ravages of drug addiction that teaches users how to control their cravings and eliminate future intake of drugs. Mental illness healing is a gradual process and patients are given the necessary counseling to deal with the addiction.

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