There are many different approaches to drug treatment rehab. Many individuals often believe that all drug treatments and rehabilitation programs are conducted “in-house” with the addict being admitted as a patient or resident of the drug treatment facility. While this is true in many cases, it is not the only source or way for drug treatment. Many rehabilitation programs are conducted outside of facilities that specialize in drug addiction treatment. While many drug treatment programs that are conducted on an outpatient basis still focus on individual and group therapy with a licensed counselor, the importance of support groups that are local to the addict cannot be emphasized enough.

By actively participating in a local support group, addicts often receive the extra support that they need to continue to learn about the disease of addiction and their personal triggers to temptation as well as receiving help and support in coping with temptations to use. Nearly every human being finds it easier to deal with any stressful situation when they have one or more “friends” who have been in the same or similar situation that they can share their feelings with and talk about their struggles, their successes and failures and receive support to keep trying instead of feeling alone and giving up hope and returning to drug use as an escape and coping mechanism for their daily struggles. Many local support groups provide a very low to no cost addition to drug treatment, as they are often free to participate in for the addict. There are even local support groups available for the family and friends of addicts to help them learn to cope with their loved one’s addictions and to not enable the addict to return to drug use.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) remain two of the best known support groups that are available to help addicts as they continue to battle their addictions, but there are many other different types of support groups available, and most are great for providing a place for addicts to share and vent as well as learn life skills that are beneficial to relapse prevention so that addicts have increased odds for remaining drug use free.

In addition to the many local support groups that addicts can find in nearly any community in the United States, the growth of the Internet is proving an additional means of support. While meeting online is not a substitute for meeting in person with a support group, there are now many online support groups that offer daily mediations, chat rooms, bulletin boards, blogs and more for addicts to interact with one another and support one another in their struggle to remain addiction free. Many addicts find it very helpful to read the stories of others who have been in their situation and receive support by reading their testimonials that are posted on blogs, or by chatting with one another. Sometimes an addict might not be comfortable sharing certain aspects of their struggle in person but feel free to open up within the anonymity that being online offers. Local support groups, whether online or in person remain an important part of drug treatment rehab in helping prevent relapse among drug addicts.


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