So many that struggle with their addictions wish to break free from its powerful hold, but are not able to do so on their own. They find it almost impossible to quit using and abusing drugs even though these individuals pay a terrible price in terms of their physical, mental and emotional health from the effects of addiction. Drug use and abuse also causes untold damage to the addict’s reputation and the loss of important relationships is one of the consequences of drug abuse. Research has shown that drug abusers are both more likely to be victims of violence and to be involved with domestic violence. The rates of homelessness and child abuse are much higher for addicts than for the rates of these events in the lives of the non-drug abusing population. Due to these terrible consequences, there is a great need for drug rehab facilities all over the world to help addicts reclaim their lives and relearn how to live addiction free.

Drug rehab facilities are often inpatient residential facilities, but not always. Some also offer outpatient drug rehabilitation treatment programs to help drug abusers deal with the psychological aspects of drug addiction. It has been proven time and again that helping the addict to become physically free of their need for drugs is not enough to prevent relapse, and rates of relapse can be as high as 98% for some drug users who do not also receive treatment for the psychological addiction to drugs.

Drug rehab facilities often come in a vast assortment of styles and designs as well as multiple treatment options. Some of these facilities would remind someone of an exclusive resort with their attention to luxurious amenities and world-class cuisine. Other rehab programs are more of an institutionalized or hospital setting and some are even quite primitive with a “back-to-nature” holistic approach. Regardless of the setting or comfort level offered by a addiction treatment facility, this really does not have an impact on how successful a particular rehab may be in helping an addict conqueror their addiction and learn how to live without turning to drug abuse to get through their day.

There are various therapies and treatments offered at the many different rehab facilities around the country. One of the newest therapies being offered at drug rehab facilities these days is Moral Reconation Therapy. Since many addicts have had years of experience denying their addiction to their friends, family members and others as well as themselves and since they also have become experts at manipulating others to obtain their drug of choice, Moral Reconation therapy seeks to make addicts aware of their behavior and its effects on others and help the addict to develop feelings of empathy and moral obligation so that they begin to relearn “right” from “wrong” behavior and feel a moral obligation and duty to stop abusing drugs. Cognitive behavior therapy also remains a mainstay at many addiction treatment centers.

Regardless of the particular treatment approach or therapy offered at a rehab center, the goal is always to help the addict learn what they need to know to be successful in their efforts to stop abusing drugs, heal from the effects of the drug abuse and learn the skills and receive the support that are both necessary to be successful in remaining drug free.

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