Drug rehab is a term used to describe the processes or treatment methods utilized to remove a dependency on psychoactive substances with the intent that the patient will cease all substance abuse. Common substances are alcohol, prescription medication, cocaine, heroin and amphetamines. Most rehab programs focus on teaching the patient how to interact in a drug-free environmental and become a fully functioning member of society.

There are various programs out there aimed at overcoming an addiction. The most common program is the Twelve-step program. This program encourages addicts to stop using and emphasizes that recovery is a never-ending process. The addict must always abstain in order to avoid a relapse. This program focuses on a peer-group support system and the recovery is aided by those who have been there before.
There are other support groups as well, may are community organized, they can be frequently found advertised on local bulletin boards and newspapers.

Several different programs are offered through centers and clinics via residential and out-patient treatments. These methods can include addiction counseling, support groups, medical care and mental health care. Some centers include specialty programs for specific addictions, or offer age and gender specific programs.

Effective recovery treatment needs to address all facets of the patient, not just the addiction itself. If a patients mindset and habits are not changed they will fall back into their addiction. Detoxifying the body is only the first step, one must also detoxify the mind in order to prevent a relapse. Effective addiction treatment needs to address both mental and physical health in order to motivate the patient to maintain their state of sobriety. Follow-up services such as a strong support network or family and friends is also a vital component in avoiding a relapse.

Behavioral therapy is often utilized in order to assist a patient in their recovery. Behavioral therapy helps a patient to recognize and attempt to avoid situations which are likely to contribute to a relapse. If avoidance is impossible this therapy also teaches them how to cope with their emotions and cravings. Family therapy is an important aspect as it helps to improve the family dynamics while showing the family members how they might have assisted or contributed to the addiction. Family therapy also shows the family how best to assist the recovery of their family member.

Pharmacotherapy is a form of treatment that involves the use of medication to treat addiction and dependency. It is widely used for opiate addiction and is used to reduce cravings. This form of therapy can be used as part of a detoxification process with a gradual dose reduction, in order to let them off of their dependency slowly, or it can be used as a maintenance medication. As a maintenance medication it is taken for an indefinite period of time in lieu of the illegal substance. The prescribed medication is easier on the body and involves less health risks to the addict while allowing them to function in normal society.

The available forms of drug rehab are as varied as the drugs themselves, but recovery is possible for even the hardest addict. It is a matter of finding the correct program and treatments that work for the patient and their addiction.

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