Drug addiction is a serious problem in the United States and in nearly all other countries around the globe. Drug addiction steals the lives of the user who is addicted to any substance or habit as well as affects and harms the friends, family members and others who care about the addict. There are many different types of substances to which someone can become addicted, as well as many different types of drug recovery programs to help them break free from their addictions and start to heal from the devastating consequences of drug abuse and its effects on the mind, body and spirit of addicts.

Since there are so many different types of treatments, facilities and even different types of addiction, it can be confusing for someone struggling with the disease of addiction or their loved ones to begin to make a decision about how to locate and begin the appropriate treatment for their condition. One of the easiest ways to locate drug recovery programs is by doing a search online. There are also many treatment referral services, and you can always ask a doctor, therapist, or other healthcare professional for a referral, and members of clergy and social workers are also great places to find drug recovery programs.

When deciding among the many different types of drug treatments and rehabilitation, you need to decide whether you want the drug detox portion of your treatment to be at the same facility, as some off this in-house while other drug rehabs specify that you must have already been through this process before enrolling in their addiction programs. Drug detox is one of the most important and dangerous aspects of treating addiction. Drug detox involves abstaining from the addictive substance and receiving specialized medical care and support for the withdrawal symptoms that follow. Since it can be dangerous and even life threatening to quit certain substances such as alcohol “cold turkey,” you may want to make this an important deciding factor when choosing a drug recovery program.

After an addict breaks free from their addiction physically by completing the detox portion of treatment, it is important to receive treatment that deals with the psychological aspect of their addiction. Learning to deal with the psychological aspect of addiction is often the hardest part. Without addressing the psychological aspects of addiction, many drug users return to using drugs after detox, no matter how severe the withdrawal symptoms happen to have been.

Drug recovery programs often offer many different types of treatment to deal with the psychological aspect of the addiction. Some of these treatments include 12 Step Recovery programs, individual and group counseling, support groups, art and / or music therapy, yoga, fitness programs, moral reconation therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, and so forth. Many of these programs can be on an inpatient, residential basis or even as outpatient therapy or a combination of both. Regardless of where someone lives or their finances, for anyone who wants to break free from addiction there is a drug recovery program for them that will help them to heal and relearn how to live and function again without using drugs or other addictive substances.


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