With the growing problem of drug use and drug abuse in America and around the world today, there has never been a greater need for successful treatment programs for drug abuse. Drug addiction rehab is one of the most successful ways for addicts to get the help that they need to become addiction free. Just as there are several different reasons why individuals begin to use drugs can be different and there are many different types of drugs and other substances which individuals can become addicted to, regardless of the reasons why they are used or which particular drug or substance is used the results are almost always the same. Drug use makes certain physiological and psychological changes to the user that result in the user being unable to stop using without help. The use of drugs causes damage to almost every organ in the body. Continued use causes damage that result in other physical and mental health conditions. Ultimately, if someone uses long enough, it will usually end up in the user’s death. Unfortunately, as a user becomes addicted to drugs, their body can become tolerant and then physically dependent on the drug to survive, even though using the drug is destroying every aspect of their life. If the user quits taking the drug too quickly, horrific withdrawal symptoms can occur and they also sometimes lead to death. It is important for users to learn all that they can about drug use and the treatment options available to make the best treatment decision. This is yet another reason that drug addiction rehab is a popular choice for drug addiction treatment.

Drug addiction rehab often features medically supervised withdrawals from the addictive substance. By offering medically supervised detox, addicts can be monitored for any potentially life threatening symptom of withdrawal. While many medically supervised detoxes do not offer any medication to alleviate the withdrawal signs, others do offer medication to moderate the symptoms of withdrawal. There are a number of substances that have FDA approved medications to lessen the symptoms of withdrawal. Alcohol, heroin, some opiates, cocaine and sometimes other substances all have some prescriptions that will help relieve some of the symptoms of withdrawal for many addicts. Even with medication, withdrawal can still be a painful and dangerous part of treatment of addiction.

Drug addiction treatment and drug abuse rehab does not end with the detox or withdrawal phase. Often, users go right back to the substance or behavior once they are clean if they do not have the support that they need to learn coping skills to deal with temptations and cravings to use again. This is because the psychological dependence component of addiction is often harder to overcome than the physical dependence component of addiction. There are many other supportive treatments that seek to support the addict as they learn to live drug free. Some of these treatments feature individual and group counseling as well as learning to build an individual support network of people, organizations and activities that will help the addict to remain drug free.

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