Many drug users as well as their family and friends watch the downward spiral of the addict’s life and give up, thinking that there is no hope of helping someone once they have become a drug addict. They mistakenly believe that because of their type of addiction or their circumstances that there is no help for them. This is simply not true. There are many different types of drug addiction programs that exist to help addicts in their struggle to become drug free and live lives free from addiction.

Drug use affects many millions of people all over the world. Drug use comes in many forms and drug use can be the usage of legal and illegal substances. There are many reasons why someone may turn to drug use. While illegal drugs such as heroin or methamphetamines are becoming increasingly abused, many people become addicted to their pain medications that are prescribed to treat legitimate medical conditions. Others become addicted to prescription medications that they find in their relatives’ medicine cabinets. Whether the addiction is to a legally obtained or illegal substance, many drug users find that they soon cannot control their use of the drug and obtaining and using the drug takes over their lives. In the end, their lives spiral out of control and their world becomes a shadow of its former self. It is important for those who use drugs and for their loved ones as well to know that help is available to safely and effectively treat the drug users’ addiction and help them begin to walk the road of recovery and to begin to heal from all of the effects of the use of drugs.

Some drug addiction programs use a form of the 12 Step program that was originally created by Alcoholics Anonymous. The version for drug addicts is called Narcotics Anonymous, or N.A. These 12 Step programs involve the addict accepting responsibility for their actions, taking personal inventory, and learning coping mechanisms such as meditation and group meeting to receive the support that they need to become and remain drug free. Members consider the 12 Steps of N.A. a lifelong process. Other drug addiction programs occur within a residential treatment facility and there are a wide variety of treatment options available. There are specialized detox centers that concentrate on helping the addict rid themselves of the physical dependence of the substance and to become “clean”. There are rehabilitation centers that focus on inpatient and outpatient care to get at the “root” cause of the addiction and to help users learn new coping methods and life skills so that they can be successful in their fight against drug addiction. There are Teen detox centers and teen rehab that focus on treating teens and youth to help them rid themselves of addiction. There are also women’s programs and men’s programs to help treat patients that need a gender specific treatment program. Many different therapies are used as well to help users learn life skills and coping strategies that will help them remain drug free. Therapies include group therapy, art therapy, equine assisted therapy and many other types of therapy as well. There are treatment facilities that specialize in dual diagnosis so that they can help treat underlying mental and physical illnesses in addition to the addiction.  Whatever an individual’s situation it is important that they do not give up hope because there is a treatment plan that is available that is right for them. There is no reason to not seek help for drug addiction, regardless of who someone is or what their life circumstances happen to be.

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