With so many people today leading lives that are being destroyed by drug abuse, there is a great need for drug abuse rehab. In the beginning, using drugs can seem to be tough or cool, or make someone think they will be more popular to others, as that is how it is portrayed in the media at times. Every day people are bombarded with images that portray addicts as thin, healthy, and smart, or famous. But as anyone who has succumbed to drug addiction can tell everyone, there is nothing great about living a lifestyle that is centered on acquiring and using drugs.

Popular stars such as Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse, just to name a few, damaged their relationships, destroyed their careers and ultimately lost their lives to drug and or alcohol abuse. There is nothing glamorous about death.  Many people who begin using drugs mistakenly believe that they can quit at any time, but over time it becomes harder and almost difficult to do without help as continuous drug use causes physical and mental changes that make it almost impossible to quit abusing drugs without skilled treatment and a great deal of support.  For those who are currently struggling to stop using drugs, there is help through drug abuse rehab.

Many people who use drugs mistakenly convince themselves that they are not “real” addicts. They convince themselves that they cannot be addicted because they are too “smart” or too educated to “fall for that.” They think that because of their zip code or that they are male or female or a certain age that they are “too old” or “too young” for addiction to occur, but drug addiction can occur to anyone who uses drugs.  Regardless of where someone lives, how they were raised or how much money they make, when someone uses drugs they are susceptible to becoming addicted, as is every human being on the planet.  Once someone starts using, the more that they use drugs the more that they will need to obtain the drug and the more damage that they will do to their body, mind and spirit.

Some people mistakenly believe that if they have other medical or psychiatric issues, that they cannot begin detox, rehabilitation or other treatments. This is simply not the case. While it is true that other illnesses and issues can complicate treatment, there is still treatment available. While the overall incidence of schizophrenia and Bi-Polar disorders in the general population is low, patients with schizophrenia have almost a 50% rate of abuse of some substance as they seek to “self-medicate” to find relief from their symptoms.  There are centers that offer Dual Diagnosis treatment, Detox, and Holistic therapies to treat the whole person, regardless of their other issues, so there is always hope to those who seek a way to be free of drug use.

Regardless of the reasons why someone starts using drugs or whatever co-occurring medical conditions that they have, these are never true obstacles to receiving addiction treatment as there is a drug abuse rehab that can help any addict who truly wishes to beat their addiction and live without using drugs.

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