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I’d like to talk to you for a minute about a technology called Alpha-Stim. Alpha-Stim is a proprietary name for a cranial electrical stimulation device. It’s a device that delivers small pulses of electricity to the head via electrodes attached to the ears. We have found that because of the innervations of that part of the skull and the sensory input that goes into what’s called the vagus nerve, it can have an effect on emotion and on anxiety. Since anxiety is part impartial of addiction, we use it to help in the treatment of addiction at The Arbor.

The vagus nerve which is stimulated by this device, the stimulation of that is utilized to treat seizure disorders. It’s also utilized to treat depression. In our setting, we use it as a modifier of anxiety. And the reports that we get in response to this and that have shown up in research sessions include relief of headaches, improvement in attention deficit disorder, decreases in anxiety, improvement in sleep, and decreases in impulses or cravings for drugs. The latter we feel like is a result of a decrease in overall levels of anxiety which tend to drive these compulsive behaviors that end up in long-term addiction.


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