When you are dealing with a loved one that has a substance abuse problem, the hurdle that you would need to overcome is to get them to admit that they have a problem. It is common knowledge that drug addicts will almost never admit that they are drug dependent until such time that their lives are already ruined. In some cases, this event won’t even serve as a wake up call for drug addicts. When a person becomes dependent on drugs that they can no longer function without it, the most effective means of rehabilitation would be admission to a 90-day residential program in a rehabilitation facility. However, getting them to agree to enter into such a program is the biggest problem that you, as the concerned loved one, would need to overcome. When your loved one is self-destructing with the use of drugs and won’t admit that he or she has a problem, you can’t just sit back and watch. You would need to plan an intervention.

Planning an intervention can be quite an exhausting feat because you would need to make sure that all the kinks are ironed out in order for it to be effective. The first thing that you would need to remember when you are planning an intervention is that your addicted loved one should not feel ambushed. This is the main reason why interventions fail in the first place. For this reason, the timing and venue of your intervention is of the essence. Make sure that your intervention takes place when your loved one is sober so that you would be able to talk things out with him or her in a clear manner. If it takes place when he or she is high, your intervention will fail and could only push your loved one to their addiction. When it comes to the venue of your intervention, it is highly advised that it happens in a place where your loved is comfortable. Inside your home is the best place as it is away from prying eyes.

When you are discussing his or her drug abuse problem, it is imperative that you don’t make it sound that everything is their fault. This will cause your loved one to become defensive and therefore, their protective walls will start to go up and they will no longer listen to anything else that you have to say. When this happens, it will be harder for you to make them understand and admit that they have a problem.

If you have already chosen a facility wherein you would like your loved one to be admitted, you can ask their intervention specialist for help on how you would be able to carry out your plans. You can also choose to have the specialist present during your intervention so that a professional would be able to facilitate the entire process. A 90-day residential program usually scares drug dependent individuals that are seeking help because it would mean that they need to turn their backs on their entire world, including their jobs, for the duration of their treatment. It is your job to make him or her understand that it will be for the better and that your family can survive without the cash flow from their salary because the sacrifice is for their journey to recovery and this is much more important.

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