West Coast Symposium

The Arbor is excited to see you at The West Coast Symposium on Addictive Disorders, WCSAD where our Executive Director, Brian Samford PhD., LMFT, LCDC will be speaking! Please be sure to Save the date for Saturday, May [...]

Peer to Peer Support

Support is obviously important to recovery. Sponsors and mentors, and of course treatment professionals are all key players, but the importance of peer-to-peer support should not be overlooked. When people [...]

Neuroscience in Rehab

Advancing technology has offered the clinical therapy world a new treatment method that will help see how the addict's brain is reacting while undergoing treatment. This treatment method uses Neurological [...]

Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana is considered a gateway to harder drugs. This is why, although marijuana is considered a lesser evil, it is still a drug to be cautious of. Marijuana addiction starts [...]

Life Coaches

Life coaches are available for recovering drug addicts who wish to establish themselves back into society, and most often the working force. Skills such as creating a resume, learning how [...]