If you are living in or near Austin, Texas and need help with overcoming drug addiction, there are many Austin Texas drug rehab centers that you can go to in order to find the right treatment. Even if you are not from Texas, Austin is still worth considering for your drug rehabilitation. In fact, some recommend having your drug rehabilitation out of state so that you can be in a new environment and truly feel as if you are starting over.

Austin is a beautiful city, with the lights of its majestic skyscrapers reflected in the waters of the Colorado River. The capital city of Texas also enjoys sunny weather throughout most of the year, with tornadoes rarely occurring in the area, though there are occasional rain showers in the spring, especially in the month of May, which is also the time when the wildflowers are in bloom. Many centers in Austin make the most of this environment, with some even having ranch-type facilities amid rocky mountains or vast gardens.

The drug rehab centers in Austin, Texas offer a variety of treatment programs. There are age-specific treatment programs for either adolescents and adults and some also offer gender-specific programs to meet the particular needs of men and women.

There are both inpatient and outpatient programs, as well. The former is recommended, though, since it has a higher success rate, with the patients placed under 24/7 medical care and supervision to prevent relapse. On the other hand, outpatient programs can only monitor the patient’s progress to a certain extent, so relapse occurs more frequently.

There are also 12-step programs, of course, based on the 12 principles of addiction recovery originally proposed by Alcoholics Anonymous. These programs deal not just with physical recovery but also aim to achieve spiritual and emotional healing through various meetings.

There are holistic treatment programs, as well, which are engineered all of the patient’s needs, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, as well as the needs of the patient’s family. These often incorporate Eastern practices like yoga, meditation and acupuncture, as well as recreational activities and even animal-assisted therapy. In fact, one rehab center in Austin offers equine therapy, which involves the patient working with horses, riding them and grooming them or simply spending some quiet time with them in the stables, which has been proven to put the patient’s mind at ease.

For those who have a bigger budget or are looking for the best facilities, there are also luxury drug rehab centers in Austin. These luxury rehab centers are often situated on acres of land and have spacious, elegantly furnished common rooms as well as spacious bedrooms that resemble hotel suites, each with its own bathroom that has both a shower stall and a bathtub. The recreational activities offered here are also luxurious, including golfing, fishing, sailing and swimming in the center’s own pool. The food served is gourmet, too. Of course, you will have to pay a high price for all these amenities so if you don’t have the budget, even with insurance coverage, there are more affordable rehab centers that you can go to which offer equally excellent treatment.

Indeed, Austin Texas drug rehab centers present a lot of options for the drug addict who is intent on recovering so if you are ready to turn your back on drug addiction, you can choose Austin as the starting point for you new life.

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