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Staying Sober

There are many ways to cope with addictions.  The path to staying sober is not easy, but there are various help methods available to those committed to removing an addiction [...]

  • help for spouses of alcoholics family program

Help for Spouses of Alcoholics is Available

When a loved one has an addiction to alcohol everyone in the family suffers, especially the spouse of the alcoholic. The spouse of an alcoholic can feel isolated and suffer [...]

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Susceptibility to Addiction

Research and the collective experience of thousands of addiction treatment specialists all agree that almost any man or woman has the potential to become addicted to almost any substance, activity [...]

  • Women’s Alcohol Rehab San Antonio

Women’s Alcohol Rehab San Antonio

With the rise in the rates of alcohol abuse for women in San Antonio and all over Texas, there is really an almost unbelievable need for effective alcohol rehabilitation in [...]

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Opiates and Depression

Opiates are powerful narcotic drugs that are used to treat mild to severe physical pain by some, opiates are abused for the powerful effects they can have the body by [...]