• We believe any addict or alcoholic will benefit from living in a structured sober living home after completing treatment. One of the greatest advantages is the opportunity to experience sober, independent living in a safe and healthy environment. Residents of our sober living homes learn to transition into a healthy lifestyle while experiencing real life responsibilities, social norms, and gaining valuable work and living skills. Creating new routines and maintaining a regular schedule after residential treatment is key to transitioning to a normal and healthy lifestyle.

    Some additional benefits of Structured Sober Living:

    • A live-in, paid house manager means constant contact and on-going support
    • High accountability and structure in all of our homes
    • On demand & random toxicology screening
    • Peace of mind for the family while the addict practices a new, sober lifestyle
    • Higher rate of success at living a fulfilling and sober life
    • The development of peer support systems
    • Keeps distractions to a minimum, ensuring that residents stay focused on their path towards sober, independent living.

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