• Recovery Advocacy is specifically designed to help our clients discover what is truly meaningful to them. Through thought-provoking and introspective conversations, motivational interviewing, and truly taking the time to invest in our clients, our advocates can assist anyone in recovery through a goal-setting partnership.

    Two women talkingAdvocates utilize many modalities to help our clients achieve success in all areas of their life. We work to help clients find and identify what is truly meaningful, and then set measurable, and specific, short-term and long-term goals. This enables clients to set and achieve personal goals which they are naturally inclined to reach.

    Benefits of Arbor Advocacy

    • Assistance with setting more viable goals with coaching to help implement and realize these goals
    • Accountability = encouragement to do more and achieve more
    • Identification and removal of roadblocks
    • Continual growth and accomplishments
    • Goal alignment
    • The development of new skills, attributes, and factors for success
    • A comprehensive, personalized, and individualized plan of care designed to address all major areas of your life
    • Peace of mind for family members
    • A mentor in your corner, working hard on your behalf
    • Accountability to a continuing care plan or discharge plan
    • Relapse prevention
    • Motivation and inspiration

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