Many alcoholics struggle with feelings of low self-worth and guilt and are too ashamed to admit that they need help to stop drinking. Some have sunk so low that they mistakenly believe that there is no help for them. Alcoholics and their friends and family members need to realize that there is hope for any alcoholic who wishes to stop drinking and they can often be best helped within an alcohol rehabilitation center.

People turn to alcohol for various reasons. Alcohol use can begin innocently enough at a party or celebration. The drinker enjoys the feelings of confidence and calm that the alcohol gives to them, and soon they begin to drink alcohol in ever more increasing amounts to try to recapture that sensation. Over time, the body becomes dependent on alcohol as changes occur in the body and mind that both damage every organ in the body but also cause the body to need alcohol in order to function. Alcohol increases its hold on its victims while the destructive effects of its’ use accumulate. It can become almost impossible to stop drinking on their own, and many alcoholics become resolved to living the destructive lifestyle that is alcoholism. Many alcoholics mistakenly believe that if they have additional illnesses or secondary addictions that there is no help for them. Others are still in denial that they have a drinking problem. Many have tried to quit drinking on their own but soon resumed consumption after beginning to experience the horrible effects of withdrawal. Regardless of why an individual began drinking, regardless if they have tried to quit drinking in the past and have relapsed, regardless of whatever other illnesses or addictions that they may have, there is an alcohol rehabilitation center that can help them.

Alcohol rehabilitation centers come in many shapes, sizes and varieties. Some are public alcohol rehabilitation centers while others are private alcohol rehabilitation centers. Some alcohol rehabilitation centers offer inpatient, outpatient or a combination of both approaches to therapy. Many alcohol rehabilitation centers provide specialized alcohol rehabilitation therapy based on a number of factors. There is teen alcohol rehab that is specifically created to help deal with the special causes of alcoholism in teenagers and the specific consequences and triggers that they face as they struggle to become and remain sober. Other facilities offer gender specific alcohol rehabilitation therapy since the initial causes, effects, and triggers to relapse, are different for men and women. Still other alcohol rehabilitation centers offer dual diagnosis and mental health services for those alcoholics who may have other underlying conditions that contribute or affect the treatment of their alcoholism, such as those with diabetes, bi-polar disorder, cross addictions to other substances, or other mental and physical health conditions. Treating alcoholism in a person is almost like “peeling” the proverbial “onion”, in order to receive the best chance of success, it is important to select an alcohol rehabilitation center that will look at the whole person when treating an alcoholic and that offers a treatment program that fits each individual alcoholic’s special needs.

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