When addicts are seeking alcohol or drug treatment they usually discover that the recovery from addiction to alcohol, drugs or other substances is usually found in three stages. Recovery from addiction literally begins the moment that the addict decides that they do not want to live anymore as a literal slave to their addiction, and the recovery process progresses as the addict searches for and receives alcohol and drug treatment.

When beginning alcohol or drug treatment, it is important for addicts to remember that they are in a literal fight for their lives and that they need to focus fully and completely on doing whatever it takes to be successful in defeating their addiction. Oftentimes, so that an addict is free to focus fully and completely on becoming addiction free, it is necessary for the alcohol and drug treatment to be administered in an inpatient setting in a drug or alcohol treatment facility. Whether they are inpatient or outpatient, almost all alcohol and drug treatments are created with the express purpose of helping the addict to stop using the addictive substance and to learn how to reclaim their lives and live their lives drug and alcohol free. Those individuals who are addicted to drugs or alcohol need to understand that they are literally fighting a disease that has impacted every aspect of their lives. This process is often a lifelong one that lasts long after the addict leaves the alcohol and drug treatment facility.

As part of alcohol and drug treatment, addicts learn about the disease, and often receive individual and group counseling to teach them new skills of coping with the stresses of life that may trigger them to relapse or even pick up new addictions.

Not only do addicts learn about their particular addiction, as part of alcohol and drug treatment they learn about their individual sobriety, and also learn how to function while sober and addiction free and how to cope with their problems without help from chemical or addictive behavior dependency. They are often taught new skills such as responsibility, communication, and empathy for others as well as techniques to help the addict learn to successfully interact and socialize with others without the need for an addictive and harmful substance. Active participation in support groups such as one of the 12 step programs adapted from Alcoholics Anonymous are often part of alcohol and drug treatment both within the facility and in the aftercare portion of their treatment. Support groups are often a major component of any successful alcohol and drug treatment as they provide the outlet to stress and supportive environment that many addicts need to be successful in their battle against addiction.

Battling any time of addiction is really a difficult and life long battle for any addict, but it is possible for addicts to be successful in their quest to defeat their addictions and live addiction free when they receive the appropriate alcohol and drug treatment that gives them the skills, tools and support to heal from the effects of their particular addiction and live a life that is worthwhile and purposeful without including the use of drugs or alcohol or falling into the trap of other addictive substances and behaviors.

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