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    We understand calling us may seem difficult, especially in a time of crisis.  We have an experienced team of professionals that have assisted countless individuals find the help they need.  We will do our best to answer any questions you and others have about addiction treatment. Sometimes a crisis exists where detox and treatment are needed immediately. We are accustomed to effectively and efficiently meeting the needs of the prospective client and loved ones in these situations. We are knowledgeable about interventionists nationally and abroad and can assess whether that is needed during the initial phone call. We are a program of integrity.

    What can I expect when I call?

    Our admissions process is simple. After an initial phone conversation to assess the prospective client’s needs, we will identify the appropriate level of care and placement.  We will educate you about our services and available options to address the needs of your situation.  We want you or your loved one to get the most appropriate placement possible, we believe our Continuum of Care offers outstanding healthcare options.  However, if one of our programs is not appropriate for your situation we will gladly assist you with a professional referral that will best meet the needs present.

    We welcome you to call or fill out our online inquiry form to receive a phone call. Our team understands the chaos and pain you and your loved ones are experiencing. Allow us to be part of the solution, for all of you. All admissions are subject to onsite medical assessment and approval.

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    Admissions Application

    Does The Arbor Behavioral Healthcare Accept My Insurance?

    We work with a variety of different insurance plans.  We are happy to verify your insurance benefits and help explain the available options based on your policy’s coverage.  It’s important to know that not all insurance plans are the same and most insurance authorization is based on medical necessity.  It greatly aids our evaluation of your insurance coverage if you are willing to take some time and tell us about the situation you are dealing with or for you to fill out our online application.  Without the details of your situation, or a brief history of the individual seeking treatment, it is difficult to anticipate what your insurance policy will cover.  Please understand we strive diligently to maximize your insurance benefit by providing utilization review and billing facilitated by our hard working professional team.

    We understand that insurance coverage may be the deciding factor in what treatment options you can consider.  Fill out the form below if you would like us to verify your insurance benefits.  If we are unable to work with your insurance we will promptly assist you with a referral to a quality program that does.

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    For your convenience we provide the following admissions forms.
    The links below will open a .PDF in most internet browsers. To download, right click and select “Save As” and save the .PDF to your computer.

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