Addiction treatment services is another name for treatment methods, treatment options, or recovery options. The term services would directly relate to the programs and types of treatment offered by a specific treatment facility. Hundreds and hundreds of treatment centers and rehabilitation programs exist, and they are vastly different from one another. They offer different things, and can be in different overall settings. But, the main thing each one will have are the following kinds of addiction treatment services.

Detox is an important service to offer in a rehab center. Individual suffering from addiction to alcohol and drugs will have become physically dependent on the substance that they were abusing. The removal of the substance will result in withdrawal symptoms that can be dangerous and cause a great deal of discomfort. It is not necessary for the rehabilitation program to have these facilities on site, and often they will refer the individual to a hospital. After the detoxing, the individual will be ready to begin the treatment program itself, which can be one of the following.

One option for treatment is a residential or inpatient treatment program. Residential treatment programs can range from short-term stays of less than 21 days to more long-term stays from 30 days to 90 days or longer. The length of the stay is dependent upon the needs of each individual patient, and a trained medical professional will adjust and advise each person on the length of their stay. Residential programs also provide a structured setting 24/7. Many residential programs also offer dual diagnosis treatment and evaluations, group or individual therapy sessions, behavior therapy, and education programs on life skills, nutrition, and behavior patterns.

Outpatient treatment programs do not have the individual live on site in a structured setting 24/7. Many times, outpatient treatment will follow an inpatient program. Most use individualized weekly sessions, group therapy, and family therapy. Good outpatient programs will focus on helping the individual adjust to sober living outside of the structure of an inpatient program and provide aftercare monitoring to prevent relapses. The family programs offered through outpatient programs can be beneficial and should be taken advantage of. The end goal of all outpatient treatment programs will be to empower the individual so that they can prevent relapses, maintain their sober and healthy lifestyle, and continue to progress on their road to recovery.

Addiction treatment services provide a number of quality options for the individual suffering from addiction to alcohol and drugs. And the options are for the benefit of the individual. Addiction is a complex disease, and that means the treatment for it will be as well. There is not one-kind or single size to treatment that works for everyone suffering with addiction. Another important thing to remember is that there is more involved in recovering from alcohol and drug addiction than just a 30-day stay in a drug rehab. The road to recovery is process that the individual will have to try things along to find something that works.

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