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News Release: The 9th Annual “It Happens to Boys” Conference

Subject: Top Speakers to address Sexual Abuse, Trauma and the Correlation Between Abuse and Alcohol and Drug Dependence at March 24th It Happens to Boys Confere [...]

Understanding and Treating Co-Occurring Disorders

Most people have never heard of co-occurring disorders. Simply put, this describes an individual that suffers from two or more disorders at the same time. A goo [...]

How Art Therapy Helps Heal Recovering Addicts in Treatment

Today I’d like to talk with you about what art therapy is and some of the individuals that art therapy helps. Art therapy is a process of using creative process [...]

Dual Diagnosis in Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation

From the clinical perspective, we treat dual diagnosis here at The Arbor by combining 12 step recovery interventions and clinical interventions that are commo [...]

Holistic Rehabilitation Programs – Combining Art Therapy and Addiction Recovery

Not a lot of people are comfortable with talking about their feelings to a complete stranger. This is particularly true about people who become alcohol or drug [...]